27SYPC World Internet Conference held near Wuzhen as thousands of years into the future|SYPC World Internet Conference held near Wuzhen as thousands of years into the future3

SYPC World Internet Conference held near Wuzhen as thousands of years into the future after each reporter SYPC World Internet Conference held: each reporter Jiang Peifang Zhao Na of Wuzhen, because of its unique southern charm, rich cultural heritage, improve facilities and equipment, become the destination of choice for leisure and business meetings. In November 19, 2014, the first session of the world internet conference successfully held in Zhejiang Wuzhen, and Wuzhen as the world Internet Congress granted permanent venue. Since then, the Millennium town began to link the world of the Internet, the way forward in Internet plus travel on the road, really become a blend of history and future of the Internet town. At present, the world’s Internet Conference has been held for two sessions, the east wind of the Internet has changed what happened in Wuzhen? In the third world Internet Conference to be held on the occasion, the "daily economic news" reporter recently went to Wuzhen to visit, to explore a new bright spot this year will show. The wisdom of ancient town to accelerate the upgrading of Internet and Internet experience since soon after the conference, Wuzhen is a "town of wisdom" label appeared in front of the world. In the online payment as an example, the Wuzhen scenic area in 2014 and Alipay cooperation, launched Alipay wallet payment barcode function, solve the business for change, 80 businesses support online payment; and the second conference of 2015, Wuzhen scenic 90% businesses and institutions in support of electronic payment. According to the "daily economic news" reporter visited the scene to understand, Alipay offline payment business currently has full coverage area, a total of 200 businesses support all Alipay, including the visitor center, theatre, hotel, restaurant, supermarket, snack bar and so on. In addition, the ant gold clothing is still in Wuzhen scenic area to achieve Alipay scan code ordering function, as long as the guests on the table to sweep the two-dimensional code to complete the buffet meal. Of course, online payment is not new, this year just to enhance the experience. The improvement of the car system is a new thing in Wuzhen. In the scenic area, many places can see the "scenic wisdom called the car that reporters directly through the mobile phone scanning tour two-dimensional code, enter the starting point and end point of connection information, you can mobilize vehicles around the shuttle. Mobile phone scan code called the use of the car, in the national attractions, this is the first case, to solve the problem of tourists in the scenic area can not always call the feeder points." The general manager of the Wuzhen scenic area of the Ministry of information Ge Wei said that from the beginning of April this year, Wuzhen has installed GPS and Beidou Positioning System in the area of more than 50 tour buses and more than 150 Souyao scull boat, to achieve accurate scheduling between people and cars, vehicles and ships through precise positioning. Imagine, when you are in the area inside play tired, want to ride the boat, to sweep the two-dimensional code, it will automatically travel to your side, is not particularly intimate? In addition to the application of mobile phone scan code called the car, the scene of the ecological parking lot looking for the same car impressed reporters. This is full of wisdom of the ecological parking lot is located in the west gate of Wuzhen West Gate Scenic Spot, two floors of underground buildings, there are 825 parking spaces. The entrance of the electronic screen can display the remaining parking spaces, the interior is equipped with a light sensor, through the parking lot between the reverse car search system.

53Tianjin stock investors trading rights Dutch act behind the chaos after another or fraud|Tianjin stock investors trading rights Dutch act behind the chaos after another or fraud6

Tianjin stock investors trading rights: Dutch act behind the chaos after another or "Dutch act of defrauding investors" rights behind the Tianjin spot trading chaos after another Zheng Lipeng "if our rights can bring attention to spot trading fraud, thus speeding up the supervision department of the investigation, I think the value." Mr. Jing said in an interview with the China business reporter. Earlier, Mr. wells and another spot trading activist investors trying to commit suicide in Beijing subway. They have been in Tianjin’s spot trading platform for investment transactions. So far, Mr. wells in a company called Tianjin Bohai commodity exchange (hereinafter referred to as "Bohai quotient") loss of 1 million 50 thousand yuan of funds on the platform. In addition, the reporter to master an incomplete statistics show that the total number of investors involved in Tianjin 4 exchanges, including more than 230 people, with a total amount of more than 7000 yuan. The investment in Bo suppliers for the number 160, the total amount of about 43 million yuan. Reporter recently contacted Bo suppliers understand the rights of events and transactions related content. Bo providers responded that recent events and the so-called dealer rights Bo suppliers malicious slander defamation serious damage behavior of Bo suppliers to the reputation of extreme behavior, through judicial means to safeguard corporate interests Bo suppliers has to the relevant departments to make reports on the situation and when necessary. Employee diary temptation is the reporter heard the most experienced investors lost experience vocabulary. Mr. wells mentioned to reporters about the experience, previously had friends invited him in the social platform (classroom) stock learning technology, at first, the teacher lectures in general more than half of the stock, a small spot. As investors gradually into the Bureau, began to concentrate on the benefits of spot trading. For example, the spot is T+0 trading, convenient; 5 times leverage, 10 thousand yuan is equivalent to 50 thousand yuan, the actual earned 1% to earn 5%; the Ministry of Commerce issued a license, which belongs to the direct supervision of the State Council, funds for banks and the third party supervision, state endorsement, financial security. A member of staff reporter for the Journal (hereinafter referred to as the "diary"), suggesting that customer resources docking method is: make classroom popularity (the room description should include the temptation to enter the room, namely what is good, welcome) to refine the public chat interface must be clean, straightforward. The journal concluded that the customer should pay attention to two points: first, from the eyes of desire. The two is to induce customers to open an account from the psychological. And after the investors fully into the board, it entered the specific operational aspects, this part is essential. For example, the aforementioned Mr. wells to provide evidence of the material, responsible for guiding the operation of the "teacher" told him that the winter coal will rise, requiring him to buy Coke at the time of the whole warehouse more than a single. The reason is: winter is the season of coal, and the northern heating enterprises need to purchase large quantities of coal, in addition, after a continuous decline in half a year, coal prices have fallen by more than 50%, there is no room to fall, coal stocks ports have also been significantly reduced, many coal enterprises will also enhance the coal prices. But then, he in the "teacher" theory