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Wine-Spirits We usually associate champagne to a celebration moment; the significant moments of celebration in your life are reasons to try some renowned champagne brands. But what are the essential reasons to drink champagne? In the following paragraphs, weve pulled together some of the most popular occasions people drink champagne and some special reasons that you might not heard of. 1. Wedding Ceremony. There is not a single wedding without a good champagne. Some people buy the most expensive champagne they can find for their wedding. And they’re right, the cream cake is fantastic when served with a glass of Dom Perignon. 2. Birthday party. Another popular occasion to drink champagne is a birthday party and it’s among the most .mon champagne drinking event. While some prefer turning it into a cocktail mix, most of us clink the glasses with a plain delicious champagne. 3. A new promotion. Your boss finally rewarded you and its an ideal occasion to pop that champagne bottle. Toast with your family and acquaintances and pick a suitable champagne for this occasion such as a brut or semi-dry champagne. 4. On holidays such as Easter, Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving and more youll get ice buckets stuffed with champagne bottles of all sorts from rose to cuvee. And if you dont drink champagne in general, you’ll get enough champagne on 4th July. 5. A random moment of celebration. There are moments when you need self celebration, and/or your family regardless of the fact that there are no holidays, no parties or no particular occasions. Just cork out that bottle and drink. 6. You love it. Some people love champagne and drink it daily. The famous actress Marilyn Monroe used to drink it everyday before breakfast. She loved champagne so much that one day she filled her bathtub with over 300 bottles of champagne and took a fussy bath in it.. 7. The bubbles are everything. A normal bottle of champagne contains almost 50 million tasty bubbles ready to pinch your tongue. 8. Consolation. Sometimes we drink champagne just to remember the taste of victory when weve been defeated. Napoleon the conqueror used to drink champagne not only when he was victorious, but also after he would lose a battle. 9. Eat it with a glass of champagne. A noble drink calls for noble food. What can be more suited with caviar other than champagne? Also if youre serving seafood or quality cheese youll crave for some champagne. 10. You’re thirsty. There is a type of champagne for every occasion, even just for a thirst sensation. Don’t wait for an ideal occasion. Life passes too rapidly to wait for special moments. When you’re thirsty just have a glass of champagne and enjoy. Champagne is one of life’s great joys and one should enjoy it whenever possible. 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