10 Survival Strategies For Left 4 Dead 2-mentalist

The zombie apocalypse is going to beat you – what do you do? The following hints will help you survive in L4D2 and leave the zombies trembling in their boots. 1. Choose the Proper Weapon for the Proper Level You can’t expect to live if you take a sniper rifle into a hand-to-hand .bat situation or duel pistols in a swamp level. Always be contemplating the next level from within the safe room, making certain that you just decide on the proper weapon. 2. Never simply charge out from the Safe Room There is no logic simply dashing out from the safe room since it is the perfect position to terminate some zombies. Having endless ammo you might make the beginning a lot easier by taking out zombies prior to exiting. 3. Witches may very well be beaten Stealth often is the key. Pre-loaded with a katana you’ll be able to stealthily sneak up behind her and behead her. Remember to keep the flashlights off as the very last thing you want to do is alarm her. 4. Fire and Tanks don’t merge well Tanks are abundantly successful at inflicting destruction, however when they are on fire, they also take heaps of damage. Shooting a gas canister or having a Molotov cocktail can ignite it. Definitely valuable for the harder difficulties otherwise it takes too long to take them out of action. 5. Boomer Bile Strategy When getting swarmed, the green mist is a remarkable cover where you can actually just fire bullets into it and slaughter loads of zombies. The swarm won’t be aware of you so take as much advantage as you are able to. It can be helpful if you need to heal a wounded teammate. 6. Enjoy the Correct Melee Weapon While I do think the frying pan is fun to work with, I’ll continuously select the hatchet because they have exactly the same range but the hatchet is better. While I favor slamming zombies with a guitar, I know the Axe is better as a long reach melee weapon. 7. Melee works for Special Infected Every time a hunter lunges on a team member melee them off, battle boomers off to stop them puking on you, battle smokers or anyone being constrained, see the pattern? 8. .puter characters are Rubbish at the end It’s a bad idea to leave the safe room to assist the .puter players, even though they may be just outside (Of course I wouldn’t leave an individual behind in real life however in Left 4 Dead 2 save yourself). 9. Fireworks anyone? Fireworks are efficient whenever the horde .es in the end level of Dark Carnival. Setting them beside the stairs of that stage and lighting them just makes sense. A box of fireworks are located in the indent near the middle of this stage. 10. Adrenaline over Pain Pills People form their particular belief, however I like adrenaline on every occasion. Healing teammates and yourself is far faster as is running and reloading. This really makes up for the 25 added health boost that the pain pills grant. 相关的主题文章: