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10nm process using MediaTek Helio X35 exposure details has been basically confirmed MediaTek will be launched on its high-end processor Helio X30 next year, will use TSMC 10nm process to build, according to Taiwan media reports, in order to improve the 10nm process capacity, MediaTek also hope that the same process developed by 10nm Helio X35. However, this year’s Helio X20 and X25 relationship is different, the exposure of the Helio X35 Helio X30 specification version, which is in order to meet the needs of more high-end smartphones. MediaTek Helio X30 before the original plan produced by 16nm technology, for market competition factors to 10nm card technology, Qualcomm and other competitors. Previously, MediaTek COO Zhu Shangzu has revealed that Helio X30 will use the TSMC 10nm process, baseband supports 3 carrier aggregation, Netcom Modem support Cat.10-Cat.12, GPU ARM Mali abandoned the scheme, but from imagination PowerVR. As for the other aspects of the information, according to previous exposure information, Helio X30 will adopt 2×2.8GHz Artemis+4×2.2GHz A53+4x2GHz A35 three cluster architecture, because Artemis (the goddess of the moon) currently has not issued a new framework of ARM, so X30 uses A72 as a high performance core also increased the possibility of. At the same time, Helio X30 will support the highest 8GB LPDDR4 flash memory, support the UFS 2.1 standard. There is no Helio X35 architecture specific information, but according to X20 before Helio  and Helio  X25 relations, the new version of Helio X35 and Helio  X30; the structure should be no difference, but the frequency may change, in order to pull open the gap in performance.相关的主题文章: