15 year old candidate, Sichuan province virtue boy from the age of 8 to take care of paralyzed mothe-tonya mitchell

The 15 year old candidate "in Sichuan province by virtue of youth from the age of 8 to take care of paralyzed mother – Beijing," the most beautiful people in Yingshan "Awards alone to take care of paralyzed mother 7 years, gave her mother the courage of life mother sky collapses, your tender shoulders propped up the house of hope. You wipe the tears of the mother’s eyes, with optimistic self-confidence to make her mother strong. Mother’s legs may still weak, but sincere filial sons have been as solid as rocks. Hard childhood is a precious treasure, you and your mother hand in hand with each other, together into the beautiful wishes of the spring landscape. — the 2015 most beautiful people in Yingshan history Boxuan the word mother accidentally falls lead to paralysis of the lower limbs, the father then ran away from home. 8 year old boy with a history of Boxuan tender shoulders carry the burden of the family, to her mother wash diapers, body cleaning, cooking and cleaning the room every day. 7 years later, the name of the 15 year old junior high school graduate. Huaxi City reader from Yingshan County civilization office was informed that the County nursery school student Shi Boxuan nominated in Sichuan province by virtue of youth candidates. In February last year, Shi Boxuan was named the most beautiful people in Yingshan". 8 year old doll while reading to take care of my mother, for me, as long as the mother in the home, as long as the thought of my mother will always be waiting for me at home, no matter how hard it is." Shi Boxuan said. Yingshan County long pond dam town community, with a basin full of vigour of cabbage Boxuan history on the balcony. At the age of 8, mother Shi Xiaohan due to unexpected high limb paralysis, father, mother care Boxuan history since then, carry the burden of life: shopping, cooking, laundry, serve mother living, take care of the house, has been 7 years. How come these 7 years? Spoiled children of the same age in her mother’s arms, he was reading at the same time, take care of my mother. The alarm clock at 5:30 in the morning to get up on time, wash, and then go out to buy a home Steamed Buns. Serve the mother to eat breakfast, clean up, and then help the mother to lie in bed or sitting in a wheelchair. Pick out the mother’s day of cross stitch embroidery is used to color line, all arranged in the bed, and then go to school. Go home at noon, change diapers for mother, prepare a simple lunch. Afternoon after school went to the vegetable market bought second days of food, then stand on the bench for dinner, after dinner homework, for the mother’s feet, massage, wash diapers. Sleep in front of the mother bed, a small bed, several times in the evening to help her mother turn over. Weekend cleaning the room, washing dirty clothes, when the weather is good, but also pushed his mother on the balcony drying the sun. Yingshan county middle school into the nursery school, this time Shi Boxuan in the eyes of the mother, "than the same age, he spoke more mature a little things, like a grownup." It’s like an adult. To cook rice and water ratio, how to wash clothes, to buy food, to which stalls, Boxuan already known to history. In the eyes of the neighbors all day in the history of Boxuan run like "a mother’s child is a treasure." although it is a little hard, but as long as the thought of a home can see the mother, then the hard work worth it. Son to encourage her mother to live stronger always feel相关的主题文章: