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Home-Improvement Youll be spending next couple of months in Gurgaon. Youve to be part of a project. The good thing is youve finalized on the apartment and in a day or two, youll be moving into this apartment. The bad thing is this apartment is largely unfurnished. Herein this article, Ill tell you about 3 mistakes that most of us tend to make when we are in a different city and choose an apartment for a temporary stay, probably for 2 to 4 months. Getting to know these mistakes will help you over.e the nightmares that youre sure to encounter during your moving in and stay. Bear with me for a couple of minutes and I promise you tips that will help you make your stay much more .fortable and affordable. So, are you in? Here are the timeless tips Ive talking about: Furnishing the apartment after youve moved into Your practical mind will tell you that you can do it all once you move into the apartment. However, the earlier you furnish your apartment the better itll likely to be. Youll ideally need furniture for your bedroom, living room, and kitchen. Besides, arrange for kitchen and living room appliances as well such as gas, utensils, television, washing machine, etc. Youll likely to have a hard time managing it all after you move into the apartment. Therefore the earlier you do it, the more .fortable the stay is likely to be. Buying furniture for the apartment So, what do you how much that modern sofa set is going to cost you? Or the washing machine or the television set or the master bed for the bedroom? Many first timers end up spending a great deal of their time and money into buying new furniture for their temporary stay and then arranging it all in their apartments. Luckily, you dont need to do all this. Apartment furniture rental services Therere some good .panies operating in Gurgaon and Delhi. Now what do these .panies basically do is to give furniture to those who are in the city for a couple of months. And in return, they charge you a monthly rental. Go to Google and search for short term furniture rental services or apartment furniture rental services. Speak with several .panies of Gurgaon that work in this space and then finalize the one that makes the best deal. Not cooking food at home I know a couple of people who never cook their food at home. They do their breakfasts and lunches at their office, and get their dinner from the nearby restaurants. Now this might be okay for a couple of days, but this is bad if you continue with this habit for months. Food is important and you should cook it at home. Cooking food doesnt take much. Just a couple of easy recipes will do. Therere TV channels that teach you everything about cooking. And then there are cooking books and blogs. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: