3 square meters bathroom into the tub was transformed into a perfect home for her living peepsamurai

3 square meters bathroom also into the bathtub homes she transformed into a perfect habitat [Chu Home Furnishing] reading length of stay for more than a year, the decoration style and design are yourself, find the decoration companies to achieve their professional construction drawings and sketches into a. Home design inspired by the Japanese grocery and cafes wind, mixed with a number of European and American elements. Everyone who has seen it feels like a coffee shop, and I’m trying to be a friend to a coffee house. Transformation of the old house figure transformation, there was only one room a small hall, the original owner of a sun room but there is no window, the room is dark during the day. 1, the transformation of the first thing is to rebuild destroyed the sun room, can become a window of all change window. 2, one of the windows in the front door, back door the next closed up, the original small hall darkened bedroom to sleep comfortably. 3, the original debris piled corridor to the locker room, the kitchen door to the window, half open. 4, the restaurant, the work room to become more transparent, the expense of a balcony becomes more spacious. 5, the toilet can be separated from wet and dry bath. Transformation pattern has been different, 60 square meters house looks great. The home of the most favorite love corner is from the kitchen to the dining room with table part, sunshine, comfortable, wrapped in many gadgets, here you can feel comfortable the rest of their own or with friends. The transformation process of the corner of love before, this room is the owner in 90s built, now preserved, but the roof sinking, there is only a small window, the owner used to make the bedroom feel very hot (I also do not understand their ideas), and the construction team after consultation, the wall can be destroyed all destroyed black windows. I now remember this group after I was installed windows cried feelings, before comparing with only a small window of the room, this is basically make only superficial changes. And the whole room is reinforced with steel and concrete. I’m the man who built the house! This is installed doors, floors and clean up the first day. No furniture, no bed, I slept on the couch for a long time. Standing in this space looking at their home, I feel that the two sides work to fly back to the side of the decoration of the hard work and all efforts are worth it. The living room is dark hall door forward from the transformation into the door is sun room. The carpet is dad bought from Inner Mongolia with me for at least eight years, love the handmade carpet. The cup from Kyoto artist restaurant dishes are firing orphan works, Kanazawa back. Every morning with the sun here to eat breakfast feel full of happiness. The kitchen kitchen panorama. The window was originally a door to the window to do semi open kitchen. The cabinet is familiar factory, the blackboard is used to cover the ugly flue. Under the blackboard can only do a very narrow cabinet is not wasted, which is filled with the collection of cups around. The light is not enough, their hands with IKEA’s cabinet under the lights installed a set, with Bluetooth switch, very easy to use. Morita BOSCH refrigerator washing machine and kitchen long thin beauty, small but complete, a person with enough, need to put it to buy a drink wine to put the living room just fine.相关的主题文章: