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"People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we re.mend it daily." ~ Zig Ziglar For the CEO, it is always a challenge to motivate his employees and also keep them motivated. Motivated employees are at the forefront to take up new challenges, adapt new ideas and deliver results. A self-motivated employee also contributes by sharing his own innovative ideas and encourages his colleagues to do the same. This article showcases some effective strategies for a CEO to motivate his employees. 1. One-on-one Approach Each individual has his own set of likes and dislikes, interests, aspirations and desires. You cannot motivate all your employees with a .mon policy or incentive. A successful leader is quick to identify the needs of her employees. He or she knows how to influence people and keep them on their toes when it .es to ac.plishing the goals of the organization. As the CEO and the mentor, you should follow a one-on-one approach to encourage your employees to make them think out-of-the-box and encourage their participation in the growth of the organization. The following steps can help you know what motivates your employee: Conduct a survey regarding employee motivation Jot down the important techniques of employee motivation from the survey Link the incentives or motivation techniques with performance levels Provide employees the opportunity to earn what they desire Conduct one-to-one sessions with each employee and ask what technique they like the most Offer what fits their desires, provided they are entitled for the same as per their performance Make sure the criteria is fair to every employee as even a little of hint of biases can spur negativity in the team 2. Employing Right Resource For Right Role Miscasting can be fatal. You should know the work profile your employee fits in. When you delegate the work according to interest and abilities, the employee is more than happy to do it. He gives his hundred percent into it which not only increases productivity and efficiency but also keeps employee engaged and ecstatic. Check out the following steps to draw good results: Identify the right person for a role through questionnaires and personal interaction Allocate the work and allow independence to a certain level so that she can explore her creativity Set practical goals.Keep interacting with them Ask for the progress and avoid unnecessary poking 3. Celebrate Success "An employee’s motivation is a direct result of the sum of interactions with his or her manager." ~ Bob Nelson Celebrate success with your team. It can be a small get-together for snacks or a fun activity or a team outing. You should not spend more than what your budget allows. It’s just to meet your team members, pat the back of performers, adulate the achievers and motivate the under performers. 4. Give Employees Fair Growth Opportunities The only reason a diligent employee sticks to his work is growth. Give fair opportunities to deserving employees to sharpen their skills and expertise, and prepare them for greater roles. You can provide them on-the-job training and assign new roles with limited leverage. Once she proves her ability, you can promote her or assign her higher roles. You can learn more techniques of employee motivation at a CEO peer group. At a CEO conference of CEO association, COO’s, .pany presidents, general managers and business owners meet under a .mon roof for a monthly CEO Conference. They share their experiences and provide valuable solutions and insights to meet shared business objectives through half day meetings. 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