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Eye-Care Eyes are as intricate as your latest laptops or personal computers and as precious as your diamond jewellery. Without good vision, this world wouldn’t look as interesting and engaging as it truly is. And therefore, you and I (in fact, we all) should take very good care of our eyes and get them tested regularly. Ideally, someone below age 40 should get his eyes tested once in every 3 to 4 years; those over age 60 should go for comprehensive eye exams every year; however, one should consult an eye specialist to get to know the right screening schedule for himself. Herein this post, we’re going to learn about an eye condition called Glaucoma which is also called ‘the silent thief of vision’, and how we can prevent it, or at least ensure that the vision loss caused by Glaucoma is kept to minimum. Here’re 4 ways you can keep glaucoma under check: 1. Get regular eye care Detailed eye tests are likely to identify the disease in its early stage; and the sooner the glaucoma treatment in India is planned and provided, the greater are the chances of arresting the further vision loss. You should, therefore, invest time and money in getting your eyes tested often; ideally, you should have comprehensive eye exams every 3 to 4 years before age 40, and every year after age 60. You may need frequent screenings if you have glaucoma risk factors. 2. Eye drops for elevated eye pressure Eye drops, prescribed by eye specialists, form an important part of glaucoma treatment in India . These eye drops, when taken as per the directions provided on their labels, significantly reduce the risk that elevated pressure in the eye will lead to glaucoma. 3. Wear eye protection Glaucoma can develop from serious eye injuries. Therefore, you should wear appropriate eye protection when working with power tools or playing racket sports on enclosed courts. Also ensure that you go out in the sun only with hats and sunglasses on. 4. Healthy diet Include seasonal fruits, green veggies, and fresh fruits in your daily diet. Though a healthy diet wouldn’t do much for glaucoma treatment in India, it’d surely help in promoting your physical and mental health; besides, itd also help you maintain a healthy weight and keep the blood pressure under check. More people are living lover lives these days; this has also ensured that more people would experience age-related eye diseases; but with right eye care, we can ensure that we see the world clearly for the most part of our lives. Last, but certainly not the least, whether you seek consultation or treatment for glaucoma in India or elsewhere, the priority should be on getting the treatment from an eye specialist who is well familiar with glaucoma treatment and has performed a great number of eye surgeries in the past. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: