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The water bearer 40 C climb 8 Floor Water hundred barrels were sent customers 1 cups of water (Figure) – moved to Beijing Songshui Chen Pin Sichuan news network, August 24th news (reporter Yu Kaiyang photo coverage) for a few days, the city of Dazhou urban counties have occurred since this year the highest temperature, the maximum temperature rise above the local area high temperature to 40 degrees Celsius, so also to the bottled water sales season. The drinking water machine without water, just sit at home or office supply store to make a phone call, soon there will be water to water to, and when the buckets of water to the home, whether you have paid attention to send navy craftsman who were soaked in sweat clothes. This year nearly 50 year old Chen, water workers, sent to Dazhou a bottled water company in August 24th, the Sichuan news network reporter to follow him shuttling between Dazhou city building, experience a return of hydraulic hard and difficult. The highest climb 8 floor for nearly a hundred barrels of bottled water every day at 1 in the afternoon, Dazhou’s weather is sunny, sunny, it is the day when the heat of the Sichuan news network reporter, came to a water station to see the water bearer Chen Pin. It is understood that Chen is the people of Sichuan Province, 49 years old this year, dry water has been working for over 6 years. "Has sent a few barrels of 20, but it is not yet the peak, but also a bit busy in the afternoon. Now send water, hot weather, elevator is better, if you want to climb the five or six floor, a bucket of water and forty pounds, and rather annoyed." Said while busy, 5 minutes later, Chen has been installed on the water of the 10 barrels of motorcycles. Since most of the old customers, Chen goods do not need to take the customer list on the direct departure…… In the water supply process, bottled water in the hands of Chen products like the toy, he unloaded a bucket of water from the car on his shoulder, is often the one breath to climb several floors. "About a bucket of water?" about 40 pounds." Sichuan news network reporter took the hands of the hands of master Chen, personally sent once, less than a whole body sweat. "I’m in a hurry, or I’ll send it myself." Chen Pin said that every day like this he can send about 60 barrels of water or so, the peak of the time to send nearly 100 barrels of water, and sometimes climb the floor of the building, and each to send a bucket of water he can have a $2 income. I hope you will have a more understanding of the user handed a glass of water moved to the master, you drink water." According to Chen Pin introduction, remember that he sent water to a family, just changed the water ready to go out, the result was an old woman called. "At first, I thought it was a good change of water, and so I turned around and saw the old man gave me a cup of water I just put up, handed to me." Chen Pin said that he was giving water every day, when the first time someone gave him water, he was moved. "In the summer is the busiest time for us to send water workers the most tired, because the sweat out of the clothes are often soaked and dried by the sun, dry and wet, but sometimes it will inevitably have a sweat. But as long as customers can drink water in a timely manner to understand our work, we do not complain sometimes sent late, the heart is very happy." One afternoon, Chen goods from the water station and the surrounding area between the various, sent a total of 30.相关的主题文章: