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43 billion 500 million: 20 shares of the main funds funds for key attack 13 shares (list) national investment adviser: Irving king contest peep catch demon shares of Sina Financial App: Live on-line blogger to guide Sina Financial News on October 28th news, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two cities down. Diving late phenomenon, financial stocks flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum. According to statistics, the two cities traded in the top 20 stocks were over 1 billion 400 million. Among them, the auspicious turnover of over 5 billion 600 million at the top of the list, the top ten are: good luck, Langfang Tianrun development, the number of entertainment, CITIC Securities, Chinese building, East Fortune, first venture, the state securities, Western securities, Huatai securities. Statistics show that the stock turnover of over 43 billion 500 million TOP20, according to sina finance leve2 flow chart shows that there are 20 stocks in the stock showed the main outflow of funds in the stock of 7. Among them, the net outflow of funds the main auspicious Meiyan 691 million, first capital outflow of over 200 million, Chinese building, national technology, Vanke A outflow of over 100 million, uomnilamp, Western securities outflow is less than 100 million. In addition there are 13 stocks showed a net inflow of capital funds, the development of Langfang, the number of entertainment into the super 400 million days, Gao Weida, the state securities into the super 200 million, East Fortune, Huatai Securities, Soochow securities, Wuliangye outflow of over 100 million. The query and understanding of the hands of the stocks of capital flows, monitor trends in the main funds, may be concerned about the Sina level2 daily (as low as 0.82 yuan, you can enjoy Sina A Level2 stock market, real time reveals the main trends in funding to help you tazhun rhythm in the transaction. Click to view details). In October 28th two, turnover ranked TOP20 code name price (%) price (yuan) turnover (million) the main main flow of funds accounted for sh600868 -1.21 7.32 -6.91 billion yuan auspicious Meiyan -12.43% sh600149 Langfang 3.73 29.18 477 million yuan 14.74% sz002113 10.02 17.13 446 million yuan Tianrun entertainment sh600030 17.65% 0.3 16.81 38 million 956 thousand and 600 1.62% yuan, CITIC Securities sh601668 China building -1.36 7.23 -1.47 billion -6.25% sz300059 0.41 19.68 119 million yuan Oriental Fortune 5.10% sz002797 first venture -0.93 -2.62 38.26 yuan -13.07% sz000728 state securities 0.46 21.78 21 million 675 thousand and 500 yuan and 1.09% sz002673 -0.29 24.32 -3769.14 million Western securities -1.92% sh601688 Huatai Securities 2.51 20.04 195 million yuan 10.04% sz300465 8.53 on the 24 great InfoTech相关的主题文章: