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Henan cancelled from 2017 three admission batch Xinhua Zhengzhou September 17th news (reporter Li Yanan, Wang Shuo) Henan Province, announced before the college entrance examination reform program, presented from 2017 onwards, Henan will cancel the three admission batch, the three batch of undergraduate and undergraduate two batch with admission, will also encourage students to volunteer by first choice school for the selection of preferred. According to the deputy director of Henan province Zhaoban Du Ximin introduction, from 2017 onwards, Henan Province, the three batch of undergraduate and undergraduate two batch will gradually reduce the number of admissions, undergraduate admission batch, to overcome the tendency of simple admission batch to distinguish and evaluate different types of colleges and universities. It will speed up the reform of the examinee total score, professional ambition and learning skills and candidates completing the volunteer Toudang admission mode based on. Deputy director of Henan University admissions Tian Qili believes that it is good for the college and the candidates. For colleges and universities, the abolition of the "three books" will give the "original three" colleges more admissions space, to give more equal enrollment environment. At the same time, to promote the use of school quality and discipline characteristics to attract students, rather than thinking about how to upgrade; for candidates, the scope of the school will be larger in the future, weakening the identity of the school also helps to dilute educational discrimination. Du Ximin said, in addition to cancel the three admission batch, Henan will also explore the reform to psncee preferred and Toudang admission, students completing the volunteer by the preferred school into a choice is preferred.

河南2017年起取消三本录取批次   新华社郑州9月17日专电(记者李亚楠、王烁)河南省日前公布高考改革方案,提出从2017年起,河南将取消“三本”录取批次,本科三批与本科二批合并录取,还将促使学生填报志愿由优先选择学校变为优先选择专业。   据河南省招办副主任杜习民介绍,从2017年起,河南省本科三批与本科二批将合批录取,逐步减少普通本科录取批次,克服简单用录取批次来划分和评价不同类型高校的倾向。还将加快推进基于考生总成绩、专业志向和学习特长的考生志愿填报方式和投档录取方式改革。   河南大学招办副主任田歧立认为,此举对高校和考生都有好处。对高校来说,取消“三本”将给“原三本”院校更大的招生空间,给予高校更加平等的招生环境。同时,促使高校用办学质量和学科特色吸引学生,而不是想着如何升格;对考生来说,将来选择学校的范围更大了,淡化学校身份也有助于淡化学历歧视。   杜习民说,除了取消三本录取批次,河南还将探索以专业优先的志愿填报方式和投档录取方式改革,促使学生填报志愿由优先选择学校转变为优先选择专业。相关的主题文章: