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Travel found dead children sad: don’t put the finless porpoise beach trash field – Beijing Xinmin Xinmin Evening News [?] holiday travel, children are more laughter. However, the third grade of Xiehe bilingual school children this holiday but some sad — on a beach in Jiangsu, Qidong, the children found a dead small porpoise, covered by plastic bag winding. The children cried and buried the lovely little creature, who had only been seen on television, and wrote about their experiences in the hope of arousing more attention to environmental protection. The beach turned into a garbage dump for the 16 families in the class to organize the trip, the girl Su Zixin looked for a long time, because this is the first time she came to the beach to play. However, this place is called "Golden Beach", but it is far away from the beach she expected. "It’s full of garbage, the most common is plastic bottles, as well as blowing balloons, slippers, foam……" Yan Yan told reporters, see this scene, the people brought large garbage bags, children hand, began to pick up garbage on the beach. Just a few minutes, garbage bags on the drum. At this time, there is a child suddenly called up, the original, lying on the beach a long dead dolphin". Mom and dad to access the information to determine that this is not a dolphin, but endangered species two national protection of the Yangtze River finless porpoise". Small porpoise lying on the beach, covered by a black plastic bag wrapped neck and belly parts have obvious wounds, the body had begun to rot. "Have some stinky smell, but we still have to round up. But its skin is rotten, we can’t even find her eyes." See this scene, click on the Showtime Kuchu sound. A brief farewell ceremony small creatures with mom and Dad together, on the beach dug a pit, the porpoise buried inside, on the beach a line of characters, no rubbish in heaven, please protect the environment is to bid farewell to the last small porpoise. Caption: pray for the children called "no rubbish in heaven, please protect the environment". The pictures are provided by the parents of 16 children stood in a row, his hands clasped together, pray silently. The girl took the beloved card, put in a small porpoise body, let it feel buddies. The children put their garbage bag aside and told the little porpoises, we will try our best to protect you, once the ocean of life. "Particularly sensitive to Showtime, the hotel also can’t stop crying." Xinxin mother told reporters, in order to help children to ease the mood, she suggested to write down what one sees and hears showtime. Xinxin Xinxin mother said, although won the contest prize, but usually write sometimes like toothpaste". This article on the small porpoise diary nearly 800 words, she finished it in less than half an hour, is really touched by the. Xinxin let mother put her article forwarded to the circle of friends, I hope more people can hear their voices, "there are so many people come here every day, why not see it and bury it, let it rest on the beach? Why can’t we throw the rubbish into the trash? If man goes on like this, many rivers will be found in China相关的主题文章: