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Bank clerk 40 days to sell 9363 copies of personal credit report for each of the $10 Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Source: Legal Daily Data figure original title: Guangxi guests cracked the first case of infringement of citizens’ personal information case bank clerk to sell 9363 copies of personal credit reporting Legal Daily News in September 30th, the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Laibin City police recently informed the Bureau of Criminal Investigation Detachment in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Inner Mongolia and other places, built the city’s first guests since uncovered the infringement of citizens’ personal information crime case, arrested 5 suspects, a Laibin City public security organs against infringement of citizens’ personal information crime. In July 10th, the people’s Bank of Chinese guest Center branch to the Laibin City Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Detachment report: findings from the citizen personal credit rating system, Heshan City, rural credit cooperatives have unusually frequent queries, suspected illegal operation of the system, illegal Citizens Bank personal information query, request the public security organs involved in the investigation. In cooperation with the people’s Bank of China under investigation police track through the information query, basically locked the suspect Lumou is a bank clerk. The work in the bank’s convenience, illegal for citizens’ personal credit inquiries, after the query to the personal credit report through the QQ mailbox, sold to Heshan City a Ministry of information Ning and Chen Mouyan (female) profit from. After the project teams to Zhejiang Hangzhou, Shenzhen contact the Tencent Inc and Alipay QQ and Alipay mail transfer of the suspect records. The police in the multitude of information, through the analysis, find out the Guilin in Guangxi city and Inner Mongolia City, Dalate Jiang Moujia Ordos’s Yang Moulong is two and the three the leakage of personal information of citizens. In August 10th, the panel will suspect Lumou, Ann Chen Mouyan, Ning Mou 3 people arrested in Laibin City, in Guilin City, the suspect Jiang Moujia arrested. August 25th, the task force went to Inner Mongolia, after various efforts, and finally in Dalate, Ordos City, the suspect Yang Moulong arrested. After the interrogation, Lumou security and other 5 suspects of illegal sale of personal information of citizens confessed: December 20, 2015, Heshan City, a Ministry of information Chen Mouyan and Lu Ning and an agreement by Lu Mouan through the query to the personal credit report of the bank system, Ning Mou and Chen Yan Lu ANN to each message the benefits of 10 yuan fee. Ning Chen Yan and then find a citizen of the city of Guilin, Jiang Moujia, personal information traffickers, said the bank can query the personal information. Jiang Moujia subsequently published in its QQ group advertising, said it can pay a query to a personal credit report, and get in touch with the flag of Dalate Yang Moulong. Yang Moulong by QQ linked to a loan company in Inner Mongolia of Hohhot City, the loan company every day will query the civic identity card number and query authorization required by QQ mail sent to Yang Moulong, and then through the QQ mail sent to Yang Jiang Moujia, Jiang Zaifa gave Chen Yan, Chen Zaifa gave Lumou. Lu Mouan’s theory of needs相关的主题文章: