The air force held a memorial wall to heroes presented wreaths ceremony Ma Xiaotian to participate i dnf商人吧

The air force held a memorial wall presented wreaths ceremony – Sohu Ma Xiaotian attended the military channel map information to the hero: Ma Xiaotian, in Zhongfu carefully sorting baskets on the red ribbon. 12 in the Air Force Aviation Museum held a memorial wall to heroes presented wreaths ceremony to commemorate the 67 anniversary of the establishment of the people’s air force. The Central Military Commission, the air force commander Ma Xiaotian attended the ceremony. 10 pm, 6 trumpeter played the passionate opening horn, 14 armed guards firing on both sides of the blue sky soul square solemn stand. The ceremony began, the band played "Anthem", the audience singing the National Anthem of People’s Republic of China. Then, the air force air force Party committee, part of the old leadership of old comrades, the air force authorities ministries and commissions, the air force third batch of female pilots, on behalf of the air force authorities and troops directly under the Beijing on behalf of more than 400 people, for the heroes Memorial Wall neatly lined up, made outstanding achievements of the hero model salute for people’s development of the air force, air force construction for the people to silence the cause of the heroic martyrs. A military band played "soulful flowers song", 14 Eli soldiers lift the 7 large baskets, Li step towards heroes memorial wall, baskets neatly to the wall of remembrance. Ma Xiaotian stepped forward to finishing on a red ribbon baskets. In order to pay tribute to the soldiers memorial wall air force hero. The air force hero memorial wall was built in 2009, is composed of heroes and martyrs wall wall, were engraved with made outstanding achievements for the development of the air force of the people’s heroes, as well as the construction of the heroic sacrifice of the people’s Air Force pilots and aircrew martyrs name.相关的主题文章: