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Poor wages, Hong Xiuzhu’s visit to continental tight money – Sohu news from October 30th to November 3rd, the KMT chairman Hong Xiuzhu will be the first landing " ", in addition to meeting between senior high-profile, more people want to ask for recently to sell to party workers wages " small pepper ", " landing; " whether it is out of pocket? First, the KMT in the end how much money? According to the " in July this year in Taiwan area; the Legislative Yuan " by " the party and its accompanying improper organization obtaining Property Disposal Ordinance, the Taiwan authorities " " administrative institute party committee " improper treatment; the Kuomintang ordered the freezing of NT $460 million silver check outside was known as " the world’s richest party " the Kuomintang now for " "! 20 changes of the assets of the Kuomintang   display the declaration of Interior Department of Ministry of Civil Affairs party financial Taiwan area, compared to the Kuomintang declared the Democratic Progressive Party in 2015 18 billion 900 million, total assets of about 440 million, the PFP is only 14 million. Even so, outsiders still think this number " water injection " according to the Ministry of finance, Taiwan area inventory, KMT (including its accompanying organization) to obtain or use various national assets, only the land there is a 679 pen, an area of about 110.25 hectares, according to the 2016 announcement of land value worth about 80 billion 500 million yuan. (money: NT $) two, where does the money come from? In fact, the establishment of a hundred years of political parties than to create a 30 year old party money more normal, but if the assets of unknown origin would be caught pigtail " ". The assets of the Kuomintang is frequently used by the thing, mainly in the country does not divide the party in the state to " " the name of massive money, property sources criticized. The assets of the Kuomintang has five main sources: (a) transfer, according to the Taiwan area of the Central Academy professor Zhang Yufa the "Republic of China": the history of Kuomintang in 1949 from the mainland were 227 taels of gold away and $1 billion in foreign exchange. (two) receiving Nissan according to statistics, after the Second World War, the Kuomintang authorities received total public and private land more than 40 thousand armor (Note: the land area of 1 hectares, a =0.9699), more than 30 thousand houses, forest, mining, warehouses, ships, vehicles, machinery and equipment, raw materials and finished products totaling 15 billion 600 million yuan. (source: Taiwan province Nissan reception committee committee unit: NT) (three) covers an area of Taiwan King history scholar Li Xiaofeng pointed out: many KMT assets are directly into assets with occupation type at the time, around the service, railway and Highway Department of the party headquarters, on a paper document " unconditional expropriation ". (four) moved to the stage of operating profit, the assets of the Kuomintang is mainly used to control the cause of all kinds of media culture media, including central daily, Zhonghua Book Company and Broadcasting Corporation of China, the Central News Agency and other hundreds of media?相关的主题文章: