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Visit Guangxi Binyang "fraud village": many young people to do business (Figure) – Beijing Stone Village in Binyang County, the roadside, hanging banners against Internet fraud. Guangxi, Binyang, is located 70 kilometers northeast of Guangxi, Nanning, a small town. Binyang was not unknown. Ming Jiajing, Pennsylvania city (known locally as "street") residents gradually increased, merchants, become Wei City (China folk name for the rural market). Because of its business development, convenient transportation, with reputation of "thoroughfare, hundred years City Guangxi". However, in recent years, this was a famous Bagui ancient city but because of "fraud", once again into the spotlight. In April 10th this year, the Ministry of Public Security issued a class a warrant, the public wanted ten major telecommunications network fraud fugitives, of which there are 5 people in Guangxi, Binyang. In October 4th, the Ministry of public security of a communication network fraud fugitives wanted Chen Hong to surrender to the public security organs in Binyang county. It is understood that it belongs to the Ministry of public security in September 26th 10 large public wanted fugitives of communication network fraud. Text / chart Guangzhou Daily reporter Zhang Dan Q Tsai Binyang QQ engaged in the industry in the young people. The driver in the "Q Zi" fraud downstream in the bank door, wearing sunglasses, masks, tightly wrapped in the young people, the main job is to help the "Q Zi" will cheat card money taken out, and then divided into. Binyang belongs to the hot word Q Aberdeen and driver in Binyang, almost everyone knows the meaning of Q Tsai, locals call QQ young people engaged in the fraud industry, Q tsai". In QQ, a young man claiming to be the "Q Zi", in a chat with reporters, understand the "Q Zi" undisguised meaning. After that, he half jokingly told reporters: "you are not afraid to talk down, your × × mobile phone stolen?" At this point, the reporter with the name Q child chat is the use of computers, and it has been aware of the reporter’s phone model. And then he was silent about all the questions. "A young man, the teens, drove a car, you said cheating is to earn money?" Binyang local taxi driver master Liao made no secret of their "Q class" of disgust, he believes that it is the "Q Zi", shame to make this "Century City" of the town. In the "Q" fraud after the downstream, it is known as the driver of a class of people. There have been media reports, in Binyang County, the bank door, wearing sunglasses, masks, tightly wrapped in the young people, is the "driver". Their main job is to help "Q" will cheat the money out of the card, and then divided into. However, according to reporters for several days in the local observation, the county road, has almost no costume so obviously "driver". Even in the county during the day, in addition to running on the road to run out of the bus, is almost everywhere taxi, private cars are seen very little. County vitality from the beginning of the night. In the evening.相关的主题文章: