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Jia Yueting to draw pie this time with music play is the "true love" – the Ding Ding science and technology science and technology Sohu Sohu (Cui Peng, Fan Rong, Lv Linxuan also contributed to this article) by a suspected PS broke the supply chain default LETV Lei screenshots, capital chain crisis LETV were suddenly put. Millet company spokesman officer in the rebuttal of music as ecology also stressed that the music as the face of the supply chain arrears problem. Millet and music as a tear, but also can not be transferred to the music industry as a result of the capital chain questioned the line of sight. Affected by this, LETV shares fell, just over a week’s time, LETV market value has shrunk by 10 billion yuan. The sound can be heard without end question for the music ecology, financing mode, subsequent development route. 10, "the commission insurance bureau former director Li Liang bribery case hearing, LETV was listed to help" message, also let LETV official had once again issued a statement, said the company and the company’s existing major shareholder and the company’s management and the matter has nothing to do, not by any effect. In 9, as the music network investors exchange meeting, in addition to responding to push hands and from the media as the black music, Jia Yueting also sketched out a blueprint for the sound development of music as investors. Jia Yueting also said that with the step that these so-called questions, even alleged defamation and framed, is the best return. However, as the music market share price performance, the continuation of a few key nodes before the routine, in November 9th, LETV shares closed at 38.12 yuan, down by 2.23%. November 10th, LETV stock highs, closing 37.99 yuan, down 0.34%. Music into the second phase of the ecological environment is still not forget to tell the story of the current listed companies as the music network has three core business, namely, as music cloud, music video and super TV as a sub ecology. The planned restructuring plans to inject LETV pictures caused by the changing market environment, LETV day before the announcement said not according to plan completed in 2016. According to Jia Yueting introduction, the successor will be Open Eco this business has also joined in, as the core of the listed company LETV business will become the four largest business from the current top three services. Jia Yueting believes that relying solely on the burn and fight money to expand the video website practices must be short. If the Content Open Eco ecological system is done, the limited funds and resources on the self-made, and the limited resources to purchase some of the head or very optimistic about the content, the combination of these three methods could redefine the network video industry. Jia Yueting then to the investors and analysts described the music as a blueprint for the development of the second stage into the ecological. According to reports, the end of the music as a super TV stock will exceed 10 million units, the number also means a huge commercial value behind. Jia Yueting said, super TV ratings and home arrival rate has exceeded the first line TV, light a boot advertising, single day revenue has exceeded 2 million yuan. Such a result is not in the case of the real advertising to start the commercialization of anti. At present, super TV from EUI advertising to desktop carousel, Live desktop and APP advertising did not develop M相关的主题文章: