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117th activities: Master Chef class traditional moon cake – eating moon cake cooking course Sohu is one of the China traditional snacks. The moon cake is round and round, and the family to eat, a symbol of reunion harmony, in the Mid Autumn Festival is the day will eat the product. Shenzhen Wyndham Vital Hotel will Chinese traditional culture and modern combination of fashion, today launched the 2 theme of moon cake. Wyndham: the moon cake series theme excellent material, rich taste, ideal for Mid Autumn Festival gift for friends and family. This is the flagship of Wyndham: the yellow white lotus and Mini Series classic gift box. The moonlight box, gold outline lotus blossom, texture clear, elegant. With its profound and unique packaging of Cantonese style lotus auspicious clouds double yellow white lotus traditional taste by the guests like chengdu. Wyndham: the gift of the yellow white lotus moon cake is a major bright spot, as a representative of cantonese moon cake, from the sweet but not greasy, good taste, and children’s favorite by ms.. Yellow white lotus moon cake is priced at 288 yuan. Mini series of moon cake priced at 218 yuan, including the traditional taste of gold Wu Ren two legs, two purple sweet potato ice skin papaya, two, two red sand. Two moon cake gift boxes today to accept reservations. Can add the hotel WeChat public platform, click to enter the micro mall to buy 5 boxes of more than 100 yuan can get our electronic cash? And can be used for the restaurant Wyndham Vital Hotel morizono, interesting full-time restaurant, warm it cash deduction, using up to two tickets to a. With the moon cake? From August 2, 2016 to September 15, 2016, to Shenzhen Wyndham Vital Hotel lobby of moon cake sales from specified cakes, delivery time 09:00-21:00 please call 8299-8888 time: September 3rd (Saturday) 13:30 address: Futian District Shenzhen City Restaurant Wyndham Vital Hotel five floor morizono: "delicious" Yang Guang know-all Speaker: dim sum chef only open a quota of 12 content 1 snacks master personally teach you to create a traditional double Huang Lianrong moon cake 2 field learning by doing while tasting 3 can meet so many friends 4 rich tea tasting fruit 5 issued by the international five star hotel culinary training certificate 6 more professional photographers 7 good times do the moon cake can play as you leave Take the bag to share with family and friends…………………………………… line………………………… Wyndham…… Shenzhen Vital Hotel is the Wyndham group’s luxury hotel brand is also the first in Southern China Wyndham Vital Hotel. Wyndham Hotel Group is one of the world’s largest hotel groups, with 13 hotel brands and more than 7440 hotels around the world. The hotel has a unique geographical advantage, standing in the Futian central area, adjacent to the deep.相关的主题文章: