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In August the economy highlights the ten highlights of the downward pressure is still not small August economic operation highlights ten highlights of the downward pressure is still not small host Bao Xingan: in August, the main economic indicators of positive changes, in terms of industrial structure or from the demand structure and supply structure, since this year the supply side policy to promote structural reform of our country is strong and effective, but China is at a critical stage of transformation and upgrading, structural adjustment pains in the release, but also more difficulties in the real economy. To this end, we must unswervingly promote the supply side structural reforms. The National Bureau of Statistics said the next step, unswervingly promote the supply side structural reforms continue to moderate expansion of aggregate demand – Su Shiyu told reporters yesterday, the National Bureau of Statistics spokesman Sheng Yun said that in August, the main economic indicators of positive changes, there are ten highlights. Next, unswervingly push forward the structural reform of the supply side, continue to expand the overall demand. First, industrial stabilization and recovery. August above scale industrial added value growth of 6.3%, the growth rate accelerated by the previous month by 0.3 percentage points. Power generation, electricity consumption, railway freight volume and other indicators are also picked up, PMI index back to the expansion range. Two investment growth is showing signs of stabilization. The first 8 months, fixed asset investment growth of 8.1%, unchanged from January to July. Private investment grew 2.1%, unchanged from January to July. August month, fixed asset investment grew by 8.2%, of which private investment grew by 2.3%, accelerating by 3.5 percentage points. Three is a rebound in consumption and exports, total retail sales of social consumer goods grew by 10.6% in nominal terms, the growth rate accelerated by the previous month by 0.4 percentage points. Among them, the car grew by 13.1%; export growth accelerated by nearly 3 percentage points. Four is the overall stability of employment. August, basically completed 95% of the annual employment target. Although the unemployment rate has picked up, but basically stable at around 5.1%. Five industrial products prices fell sharply narrowed. August PPI fell 0.8%, indicating an improvement in supply and demand. Six is the industrial enterprise profit has picked up. With the ex factory price of industrial products improved, as well as the cost of advancing, from January to July industrial enterprises profit growth of 6.9% in the month of July, an increase of 11%. Seven is to go to a drop of a three to achieve results. From the production point of view, coal production fell 10.2%, steel fell by 0.1%. Eight is the new economy continues to maintain rapid growth. New economy, new energy, new products, new technologies, new subjects, new services emerge in an endless stream. The first 8 months, the city’s new business entities grew by 28.9%; high-tech industrial added value continued to maintain rapid growth, the growth rate of 11.8%. Online medical, online car springing up, to maintain the momentum of rapid development. Nine is to continue to push forward the adjustment of industrial structure. From the service sector and industry, the added value of the service sector is higher than the above scale industrial added value, the industry continued to move toward the high-end, the proportion of equipment manufacturing industry to improve. Ten is a significant improvement in the demand structure. theory相关的主题文章: