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Running with the sum insured? Insurance products have a "Scene", Ping Fu guards – Sohu to buy insurance technology also requires running fitness, run run well and can guarantee the amount of free growth? Can you get a cheap Apple watch? There is a gorgeous voice wit my song kylin! I would like to ask what is this insurance ah, remember to leave me a! Last week, an innovative insurance company in Shenzhen happy coast released an upgraded version of the insurance products, but also the country’s first health protection plan. It is said that people are watching the press conference to rob:) below, let the bear as you announced one…… The important thing is to say in the first place! To buy peace blessing (2016) what are the benefits? 1, the continuation of previous peace Fu product advantages, with death, serious illness, disability, accident 281 car accident, double medical, comprehensive security, 2 Premium waiver Ping Fu (2016) major diseases will increase to 80, mild illness increased to 20, covering the malignant tumor and cardiac or cerebrovascular and the organ function severely damaged nervous system related disease, a total of 100 kinds of disease protection, and mild loss does not affect the follow-up after the serious illness insurance payments. Ping Fu (2016) of the insured to participate in the "green RUN" activities, in the first two policy year at least 600 days of exercise every day the number of steps is not less than 10000 steps, starting from the third policy year, Ping Fu (2016) the main risk and critical illness insurance guarantee amount will automatically increase 10%! So buy insurance is to buy health! With peace and happiness, my mother will never worry about staying at home. What is safe RUN east? Small Tips: Sports Appreciation – peace RUN how to play? 1, time: September 1, 2016 – August 31, 2018 2, participate in the peace holds: Fu (2016) insured effective policy of 3, as long as the content: hold peace Fu (2016) effective policies, and to participate in the peace plan RUN, agree the moving target, a week can get a moving reward, will receive a monthly cash return for two years the amount of protection can be obtained after the growth of 4, Ping An Health APP- platform: 5, Chamberlain activity step rule: Week awards, health security enhancement project, step count the amount of data from the APP growth award peace Chamberlain rules and "walk", the same reward: every Monday a weekly Sports Awards push to reach week target (according to customer’s standard weekly adjustment), have a chance to get a drink to enjoy Starbucks The rights and interests of the vitality of Shanghai Jahwa KFC breakfast coupons dolly farm one awards two: monthly cash return to pay a certain amount of activation fee, and Ping An Bank credit card for 24 credit card payment, buy health insurance management services, you can get the health management service package contains Apple Watch. Each month to complete the corresponding moving target, you can get the highest is equal to the instalment of the cash reward相关的主题文章: