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The exposure of 100 units of major fire hazards do not "point" until the new network to promote a major fire hazards rectification work, the Ministry of public security in September 19th Beijing Daxing District Long Ruichao focused on the exposure of the flea market, Tianjin Development Zone building, eight Shanghai people’s printing factory of 100 units of major fire hazards. Among them, all kinds of shopping malls market 23, labor-intensive enterprises 16, hotels and restaurants, hospitals, schools, nursing homes, a total of 22 of the total number of 75%, the total number of the total number of hospitals, schools, nursing homes. "Safe production, such as Taishan." It is a cliche, but often to life events is filled with wisdom. Giving names to focus on the exposure of 100 units of major fire hazards, which not only make some "key units" have no face very much, the more to prevent trouble before it happens ahead in work. In a word, it is again good, not as good beforehand on the fence. The famous Hayne’s law has long been a more vivid explanation: behind every serious accident, there must be 29 minor accidents and 300 attempted aura and the risk of accidents from the 1000. Moreover, the Ministry of public security now exposure, not just a precursor or hidden dangers, but a major fire hazard". What is a major fire hazard? Generally speaking, probably wipe a match can ignite the hidden dangers of the building. These risks, in fact does not need the Ministry of public security to professional inspectors, whenever some security conscious citizens, estimation can be a glance. For example, these units are not exposed to the requirements of the fire facilities to configure or maintain good and effective, safe evacuation of the channel blocked, occupied fire engines, fire distance or fire zone does not meet the requirements. According to this, it is not difficult to understand the conclusions of the Ministry of public security – these units exist serious impact on public safety, fire prone to casualties caused by a major fire hazard". Ten thousand steps back, also just, major risks are identified, it is anger — this is a hundred home major hidden units, we have frequently visited supermarkets, we have daily work for large enterprises, we live next to the hospital nursery, even the old people care of nursing homes. They account for up to 70%. The "black list" after the announcement, the circle of friends are glad that they are not in this area next to the bomb, but the hospital school key units are a "major problem", still remain perplexed despite much thought: that the production safety responsibilities to where to go? After every major security incidents, self correction is a compulsory course, check the correct, or frequent problems, so, whether it is too difficult to control the risk of social or psychological paralysis, too? The bigger worry is that the Ministry of public security to identify problems, although That’s final., but also very may be exhaustive. Security is a dynamic and normal work, by the Ministry of public security to check, how to make everyone feel at ease? Let the security risk, is a disregard for human life. The real work lies in the following two points: one is the supervision departments to implement the responsibility to follow it, a list of thunder accountability; two is giving top priority to local safety supervision department, to eliminate all security risks to normal work. 100 major hidden dangers on the list, I hope this list, thousands of construction相关的主题文章: