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Little sister turned rock girl! "Good voice" creative promotion plans – Entertainment Sohu Scarlett Johnson dubbing porcupine punk fan full – Mcconaughey and Matthew he dubbed koala sitting [Click to enter God synchronization map] Sohu HD entertainment news animated film "happy voice", today released a group and dubbing star promotion picture full of a number of large. Coffee vocals in the film Matthew – Mcconaughey, Scarlett – Johnson, Reese Witherspoon and Talonguard – Egerton et al debut together with their role. With makeup styling and piece stars with their character in "cute characters especially in tune, like horses Oscar winner Matthew Mcconaughey and the role of April, a dress up legs sitting on the boss; and Scarlett Johnson is a rock outfit, full of girls in the" trump card supervision; agent "in dazzling performance of Talonguard. – lattice meal then turned the piano prince and his role with affectionate appearance. "Good voice" by has written "," yellow "despicable me people", "big eyes adorable pet secrets" and other blockbuster films senior animation team, and by the Milky Way "Hitchhiker’s Guide", "Rambo" director Garth – Jennings served as screenwriter and directed. In the film mouth near the end of the Toronto Film Festival bursting, abroad website rotten tomatoes freshness is as high as 88%. In addition to its own quality is full of expectations, the film dubbing lineup is the stars shine. Oscar winner Matthew – Mcconaughey, Scarlett – Johnson, sexy goddess Oscar winner Reese Witherspoon and youth idol Talonguard – will Egerton role vocals, and sing the songs in the film. It is reported that the joy of good voice will be in December 21st this year, North America, North America, mainland China is expected to introduce.相关的主题文章: