Take Hiker · Basu bureaucratic Sociology webquest

Take Hiker · Basu: bureaucratic sociology [Abstract] India to achieve rapid inclusive growth, the key is to break the elite life of privilege. To this end, we must take practical action to change governance rules and thinking. In order to change the governance rules, India needs to carry out major administrative reform. The author: Hiker · Basu (policy "art" author) the government of India is one of the world’s personal ability but the most inefficient bureaucracy. Busy with the daily business of small enterprises, to pay taxes, electricity and food rationing for ordinary citizens to apply for a visa in India tourists, this does not have a slow and instinctively uncooperative bureaucracy Voices of discontent. According to the world bank’s business environment ranking, India is currently in the 189 countries ranked 142nd. Considering the convenience of investigation is trying to reflect the business of small enterprises, start a business, access to electricity services, exports of goods, for breach of contract payments, India in the business environment rankings so low is expected to do. India government buildings in the capital New Delhi to India to develop the potential growth rate, it is important to carry out administrative reform, the transformation of individual ability outstanding bureaucratic system as a collective ability to highlight the strength, and not present such a slow mechanism. In order to achieve this goal, it is important to realize that the administrative reform is not only a mechanical changes, but also need to grasp the organization of sociology and psychology, and make full use of institutional economics and behavioral economics experience. Why does India have the problem of inefficiency for a long time? Since I was completely transformed from government employees to senior government officials, I have the insight that others may not have. Once in power at the top of the small circle – closed procedure in Delhi in power in the circle of politicians, entrepreneurs and other minority characters — you won’t face all sorts of problems caused by inefficient management of the government. In the north building work and life for nearly three years, when I want to license renewal, my assistant will call the authorities, I can be like in most countries, as easily completed; year-end pay taxes is very convenient, because the Ministry of Finance and some other colleagues have acquaintances in the tax department; passport renewal is also a piece of cake. From the point of view of the efficiency of personal life, senior officials in India are easily mistaken for singapore. For those who are out of the reach of the masses, India looks like a very efficient country. Most of the India bureaucrats from domestic administrative officials, police, and diplomatic personnel, lifelong positions are made of, has many years of living in a closed member within a small circle, the memory of life in the real world has become increasingly blurred, it is difficult for them to experience life outside the circle of joys. India street because I was in "over the wall" into the closed circle, so for the wall and the government deal with the life still fresh. I don’t need to read newspapers and search information, as long as you recall dealing with the government in the wall before the situation can be realized outside the circle of difference.相关的主题文章: