Taiyuan has 479 million hit public service subsidies 霍金hawking

Taiyuan has 479 million "hit" public service subsidies in October 31st 9, the integrated service platform of small and medium-sized enterprises in Taiyuan City, just a "work", to several business consulting, Pei Nan is one of them. She did not expect that, dozens of lattice desk opposite is composed of large office area, is the government to build a public service "supermarket", enterprise registration agency, accounting services, small and micro loans for the other hundred companies "sit", waiting for customers to choose. After graduation also tried to venture in Qingdao, Ji’nan and other places, back to Taiyuan, found that the home is the most intimate service I have seen." Pei Nan said, this is to want to register a catering company, if you are into the world to find the agency, can only choose goods more than three, while in the public service platform for SMEs in the city of Taiyuan public service enterprises hundred, not only the selected room, and on the quality of the enterprises in the government check, do not worry about being cheated. In order to further optimize Small and micro businesses entrepreneurial innovation development environment, results in inefficient and actively solve the government public service socialization of public service is not perfect on the issue of Taiyuan city since the "double" to carry out the work of many departments, City SME Bureau jointly build the government service network, by shortening the approval process, to build a public service platform and the implementation of the "million training plan", for business innovators add wings. As of now, Taiyuan city has allocated 479 million yuan of the "double" public service funds. The government set up the public service "supermarket" 100 offices like to go shopping in the supermarket shelves, a superb collection of beautiful things, a commodity with a dozen manufacturers of goods for you to choose from. In Taiyuan city public service center four floor office of Taiyuan city of small and medium-sized enterprises in the "integrated service platform, since the management of the work carried out, also set up a public service" supermarket ", there are a number of business accounting service company secretary of the company, and small micro loan companies, if you want to run the company. We fear to go through the formalities of trouble, or money, can come here to choose the service provider. "We are mainly doing business registration, business address linked to each platform, like us in service companies provide a free office station." Taiyuan Haocheng financial advisory limited company responsible Zhou Peixia said, the government set up the public service in the "supermarket" is the biggest advantage, do not worry about where to find customers, customers looking for services easier, and a platform of the same nature of the company has dozens of people really fight is the quality of service. Taiyuan City, small and Medium Business Service Center Director Li Huanwen said that the platform is only a small and medium-sized enterprise comprehensive public service platform of Taiyuan City, is a national public service platform, 855 square meters of office space can provide a variety of services online line for Small and micro businesses, including business registration, personnel training, policy guidance and management consulting, market development, industry guidance. Since the operation of the online service platform hits nearly 100 thousand times, so far last year, serving small and medium enterprises 1752, to help solve the employment of 3894 College students. Optimize the development environment of small and micro enterprises entrepreneurial innovation, Taiyuan相关的主题文章: