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From the charm of science and technology on MontBlanc rapid time Walker series Phantom – Sohu [home] watch watch tasting with the development of science and technology, intelligent wearable technology has not only a paper talk now, it touches a wide range, has been extended to watch in the circle. MontBlanc pre emptive, efforts to improve the collection technology, product performance and avant-garde sense of modern design ideas, the use of the material and combined with science and technology, in addition to the Swiss senior Tabulation for hundreds of years of traditional watchmaking technology integration, creating the very technology charm MontBlanc time Walker series. (model: U0114880) MontBlanc U0114880 watch series time Walker MontBlanc smart wristband watch out: in the global table fans dream SIHH table show, every year there is a hitherto unknown watch meet with the world, is the new watch industry technology and the new concept of weathervane. MontBlanc launched the innovation function, will set the e-Strap smart wristband dynamic fashion design, mechanical Chronograph to other elements in a time of rapid Walker series UTC smart wristband watch e-strap phantom. Double time zone watch technology fan front view 42 mm case micro sandblasting stainless steel support, collocation matte black DLC coating bezel, highlighting the vitality of spirit and elegant technique. Dial exquisite black dial, luminous rhodium plated and digital minute when, in dark environment can also view the precise time difference. The central and outer dial decorated with exquisite circular stripes, details of the deal in place. Dial local red dial with dynamic contrast: Black domed sapphire crystal mirror red ring and the red second hand, twelve minute scale perfect eye-catching echo. The ordinary watchband also show vitality watch the show is equipped with automatic movement MB25.03 MontBlanc’s own manufacturing, frequency 28000, 21 jewel bearings, power storage for about 42 hours. Watch the whole show wristband watch strap display accessories, demonstrating the charm of science and technology: Science and technology accessories to match high performance MontBlanc fashion leather wear comfort. Contrast and watch perfect, full of sense of technology and without losing the movement of elegant appearance. Smart accessories accessories display technology has: motion tracking, intelligent remote control and warning, "find my position" and other functions, can replace each other with the traditional watch strap use, e-Strap wristbands can also be connected with a low-power Bluetooth intelligent mobile phone by Android or iOS, with high-tech digital mechanical watches, the full sense of science and technology. Watch the whole show summary: high-end appearance of the atmosphere, law of dynamic technology and red second hand fourth needle, with strong practical function of science and technology wristband accessories, set the above characteristics for a time traveler MontBlanc’s watch, hobby technology, fashion loving friends can start to consider this table with a smart wearable technology and the traditional tab perfect u011488 watch. Price: ¥)相关的主题文章: