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True star big adventure! Christy Chung talks about the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law Christy Chung tears in Zhejiang satellite TV "Chinese blue" eight anniversary celebration reports, Zhejiang TV director Wang Jun told the media that states: "2016 is the first year of the original Zhejiang satellite tv." In the past few years to accumulate rich experience on the basis of the program, Zhejiang satellite TV with relentless exploration of the attitude of the production of more fresh and more dynamic work, the energy of the young group in the China blue platform release. From the first half of the "trump card" trump card "twenty-four hours" to bring the joy of success for the TV show, Zhejiang satellite TV is in the original production on a step by step down to the recent portrayal; "words and value of major combat" upcoming "sound of war", Zhejiang satellite TV to try. Before the break, do not change the beginning of the heart, and on this basis it is launched the country’s first file original street interactive talk show "star challenge really big adventure". The programme to hatch by Zhejiang TV program model contest, first is the original proposal to help young people with ideas, in the Zhejiang satellite TV platform’s help, they will shoot their ideas into a real program. Spend such energy and resources to help young people with ideas to achieve their dreams, enough to see Zhejiang satellite TV on the original model and the importance of young forces. The program will also be available on Friday, October, 14 Japanese 22:30 in Zhejiang TV broadcast the first edition. "Truth" to ascertain the true inner world "Star Adventures" open mobile Trolltech Challenge Tour from the film has been exposed, full play the National Games’ truth ‘, High index soared. It is because of the small children to old people played the game, how to play new tricks and everyone is looking forward to. Each presenter will conduct interviews with guests in the corresponding traffic tools, the interview will have different characteristics of fans close interaction through "about the car way with the stars. In the interactive process, the star is chosen to answer the fans to bring the truth or get off funny big adventure". The total number of miles of public welfare will eventually be converted into public funds into the designated public welfare projects. In the first edition, Christy Chung together with Shen Tao, Ictinus and mysterious off Lord Yang Di launched a full of comedy, surprise, warmth and moved to another carpool trip. When the fans found themselves and Christy Chung fight to the same car, everyone’s gossip soul immediately burning! You wonderful passengers even on a car without a polite question: give her ex husband to play a bit? How to dealing with this problem? Three daughters is not the most favorite koala? Show the essence lies in asking everyone to ask but there has been no problem, but the guests in this life scene, facing the plain people the true love and joy, often put down the heart burden, sincere and human exchanges, tell their own inner thoughts, but also let us see the stars are more real side. But when the sincerity of the question and answer is judged by non qualified players, in order to go all out to accumulate mileage mileage, the stars can only start a big adventure trip. Christy Chung’s first encounter with "Lord Yang Di just and stern", staged a big adventure on the tongue". I saw the dark cuisine mysterious veil of the moment, shen!相关的主题文章: