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Observation: the political battles of the smoke intensified Taiwan ethnic antagonism – Taiwan Beijing "China Daily" 27 editorial pointed out that the DPP in the fight against the Kuomintang started to criticize the Kuomintang, "fortune". In January 16th this year, Cai Yingwen to 65.12% of the proportion, was elected leader of the Taiwan authorities. Cai Yingwen took the 100 day, has set off the smoke of the political battles, to aggravate the Taiwan ethnic antagonism fate. Cai Yingwen took the hundred days before the evening, according to media poll, the people of Cai Yingwen’s satisfaction was 41.4%, not fall cliff straight up to 40.4% satisfaction, satisfaction and dissatisfaction on the verge of death cross. The Kuomintang held a press conference to accuse the Cai Yingwen Administration for 100 days, Taiwan, and the formation of "All is void" four big disillusionment "– among the people of the myth of disillusionment, green power, green power to expect voters disillusioned young people enthusiasm for green power disillusionment, people of green power performance disillusionment. In Taiwan, the majority of the voters voted for Cai Yingwen, but expect leaders of each generation, Taiwan can show the "Hundred Days Reform" under the leadership of Cai Yingwen, a new Bureau Li min. But the people of Taiwan where their! After Cai Yingwen took office from May 20th to August 27th this one hundred days, from the South China Sea, China Airlines flight attendants to strike the pension reform, labor arbitration and judicial reform in the vacation, to star representative, indecisive "hairpin inconstant in policy," appeared in the people of Taiwan, the original enterprises for the "Hundred Days Reform", has been reduced to the highly embarrassing "100 days of political chaos". In Cai Yingwen’s ruling team caused the "hundred days of political chaos, ridiculous as it is pathetic is all walks of life and various people have taken to the streets in the most helpless? Call charges and incompetent authorities both Han cai. Taipei street has long been a variety of fighting teams and the masses. However, do not sad "East windflowers," lamented "the ugly horse can be worthy of a play," this step kick at the kuomintang. After Cai Yingwen took office, the "greatest" achievement is made in July 25th, August 10th announced the party and its accompanying organization improperly obtained property management regulations ", the Ordinance from three to read through the announcement of the implementation of the fast pace no one is without precedent,"". The KMT from the mainland to Taiwan, held a "patrimony" also added the "new property" is an indisputable fact, but the authorities have "red eyes, Cai Mei heart" are all labeled "improper property" label, shall be determined by the Kuomintang to prove their sources properly can remove the label. This "invaded the door step, the liquidation struggle, compared with the relative spare none" Cai authorities on the "318 movement" to occupy the Legislative Yuan conclave, the invasion of the "Executive Yuan" students are not prosecuted, highlighting the so-called "transitional justice" is actually "flip the justice". The reasons have nothing in the world, without the so-called "There is no story without coincidences". Cai waving to the Kuomintang authorities like the occasion, but Cai Yingwen compared to the Kuomintang "liquidation, liquidation, and liquidation", and to "humble, humility, and humility" attitude, in August 1st, issued an apology to the indigenous Aboriginal apology. This pair of parties want to remove the fast, right!相关的主题文章: