Fight both with open and secret means! Wang Jingyun Jiang Zuping raise a child to rival Sohu

Fight both with open and secret means! Wang Jingyun Jiang Zuping "raise a child" to rival Sohu entertainment Wang Jingyun Shen Beibei Sohu entertainment news faction actress Wang Jingyun joined in the drama "raising a child is not easy", by day before she played Shen Beibei officially launched, her appearance is a emotional storm, let rock this town become no longer calm. The play by the cool media DEDECATES produced, Chen Meilin served as producer, screenwriter Ma Guangyuan, directed by Liu Fengsheng, Hairong Tian, Xin Baiqing, Wang Jingyun starring, currently Liaoning TV prime time hit. Raising a child is not easy, after the latest episode aired, and another big hit blockbuster. From the provincial capital to rock the exchange of learning children’s doctor Shen Beibei and grew up together, in order to Han Chao (Xin Baiqing ornaments) to cultivate their feelings, resolutely chose to stay in his rock. Because the two parents Shen Beibei claimed to be the words of a match-maker, Han Chao’s fiancee, the identity of Han Chao that has long attracted the Yan di er (Jiang Zuping ornaments) to jealousy, two women’s war triggered at any moment full of surprise. The two women as long as the meeting, is absolutely yiyanbuge mutually poking pain. Seemingly there is roaring waves in smooth water. In this regard, the audience has a different view. Some netizens said Shen Pei looks good, two people with a good match. There are friends that love is not a long marriage. And Shen Beibei’s choice is very firm, she is willing to wait until Han Chao willing to marry her so far. To wait for an impossible love, this girl really makes people feel bad. So Shen Beibei can patiently wait for to Han Chao’s feelings? The next story will tell us the answer! Please continue to focus on "raising a child is not easy", Liaoning TV prime time.   相关的主题文章: