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Integral home: to clear rules, not moral review editorial the day before, the Shanghai municipal human resources and Social Security Bureau official website publicity "in the transfer list caused concern, many netizen pointed out that 507 female teachers in the list of applicants was a previously" medical injury behavior ", and questioned how they get settled qualification. Local media published comments that the "medical" to veto. November 2nd onwards, the Shanghai and Shenzhen Social Council said it was working with the relevant departments to report the situation to review. November 4th, someone’s female teacher made a personal reason, voluntary revocation of the application for the establishment of a written report. The local fans have on public opinion, whether because of the shrinking and convergence, but the past few days around this discussion, some people have already worried that in the premise has been in accordance with established rules, an ordinary citizen will also face much additional ethical review? We need to make clear the basic facts including the event, someone’s female teachers meet the settled conditions, after is the most stringent qualification examination in China, since it is a public, questioned is right, but should be discussed in the existing rules express the premise, rather than for a customized deportation. Users report "medical injury behavior" and the local media in "medical", apparently not completely consistent. According to the "Beijing News" reported by Internet users as well as a number of Shanghai celebrities mentioned "medical injury behavior", then the "final processing results show no case", that is to say there is no such Shanghai points home "in the rules above the public security management punishment criminal record". According to the "general definition of medical", and the common medical disputes are also very different, make more of a "patient" employed in medical disputes of the occupation behavior, not a medical disputes, patients can be called a "medical" hat. The question now is, even if someone’s female teachers in his spare time really is the so-called "medical", or to say the least, that occurred in September 2015 in the body of the medical injury behavior, whether it be resisted? The error behavior of citizens after their behavior and responsibilities to adapt the punishment, whether they were put up in the spotlight, has to bear the consequences of the behavior again bear the extra blame? Even the "medical", also does not mean that there is a criminal record, even because of this matter, the relevant departments to prepare the introduction of Shanghai, more detailed, more demanding home integration standards, even if the next even spitting will be a veto, this event the parties should not be retroactive. When the city tried to choose to accept or reject a misdeeds, another part of the public in the "bad guys", shaken itself on the existing rules, including discrimination has been completely bared there and then. Even if it is released, the process of social integration should not be discriminated against, not to mention a case in the public security department has no end but because of an accidental medical dispute has been marked "medical" label, by netizens vote against citizens. There are writers in Shanghai on micro-blog’s position that the excesses can not be punished, the community on the chaos, but the problem is an aggressive behavior to be punished many times? "No longer a matter of punishment" principle相关的主题文章: