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The "Flying Tiger" Wang Kai riding ass Huang Zitao temper worn chicken pox – Sohu entertainment "Flying Tiger" railway in December 30th will be officially released   "Railway" flying tiger photo creative [Click to enter the HD Photo]     > > > > click into the watch: "Railway" Flying Tiger "do great things" Trailer Jackie Chan became foreman entertainment news (Kazakhstan Sohu handling maiwen Marston map video on December 30th, Xiao Ming) Lunar New Year stalls on the "Flying Tiger" has launched the propaganda of railway. This remake of red classic film by taking the "tough guy", "young soldiers", "Police Story 2013", "save my gentleman" directed by Ding Sheng, Jackie Chan and Huang Zitao, Wang Kai, while red king, starring, speak a folk story of Japanese railway guerrillas.     October 25th press conference, was asked why Huang Zitao, Wang Kai, Wang, director of the mainland, said the director of the yellow, and he is a fellow villager, and he has the effort, so did not hesitate to join the. Wang Kai had no knowledge, see photos of vice director took a fancy to his buckeen body temperament. The king, is recommended by Andy Lau in the film, "Mr. Wu" rescue, Andy Lau told Ding Sheng, he produced "my girlhood" the hero in particularly good. Wang Kai is directed at Jackie Chan, the crew to find him, did not give the script, no role. "I asked who else, that there are big brother Jackie Chan, I said, ah, how can not ah." The king, in order to cooperate with Jackie Chan, Ding Sheng, not what paycheck came. The most important prop of the movie called "the flying tiger" is, of course, a steam train. Wang Kai has a horse to catch the train play, had wanted to have one, but because the train will have to go back again. Can not think of a shot that day, because of the uneven pavement, take to the last Wang Kai ass torn skin. The chair can only sit askew, others thought I had hemorrhoids." Huang Zitao suffered a chickenpox in the movie, chicken pox is very urticant, and not be caught, so he will be in the studio is sometimes unable to control emotions, easily loses his temper. Ding Sheng joked: "he took the best expression, death scenes, varicella is when."   相关的主题文章: