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"Golden" sister chat speed Venus for regret foot Ninja addiction – Bell array   entertainment Sohu; Venus entertainment Sohu turned ninja on Friday night, "the amazing race third season ended," crystal just a couple "love kiss, sweet friends snore. In addition to call "reluctant", behind the netizens also to show interest in the story. 21:10 tonight, Shenzhen TV "talk" sister Kim will speed the "Amazing Race" in the third quarter behind the scenes. In the show, "spicy" golden sister in two kinds of style switch freely, not only to make up for the biggest regret since in speed trip, foot "Ninja" addiction, also becomes the second "matchmaker", as Jin Dachuan Vanness Wu and sister Melody took the red line. Venus make up the biggest regret in the way of speed change with the speed of the bell Ninja array a family through six period once again recalled this amazing journey, Venus is still feeling a lot, so the biggest regret in this way is not able to experience the Tokyo stage of the Ninja mission: "the whole process I am very happy, but let me the most painful most regret is that the Japanese station ‘Ninja’ task. I rarely give up in the game, at that time to give up, behind the old regret!" This does not, in order to make up for the regret, in the first broadcast tonight, "golden sister to talk about the speed of the" stage, Venus once again challenge the task. I saw her as a dancer, in the "alarm" with "bell array" shuttle freely, skill quite vigorous. Even, she also open the naughty mode, fought over, did not forget to put a few elegant posture from time to time, so Vanness Wu and Jin Dachuan who are laughing. "Spicy" sister Kim can "destroys" success, let us wait and see. As Jin Dachuan and Vanness Wu Melody "spicy" Venus in addition to get to make up for the regret turned matchmaker, sister Kim sharp does not change the style, but also actively turned matchmaker, spare no effort to pinch and Melody alloy daecheon. After Vanness Wu, Melody, Jin Dachuan and Liu Chang speed guests seated, all the talent that the mystery, the original Gold Mountains and Melody actually sat close together. Ogawa Xian embarrassed posture is attracted ridicule: "because Venus is sitting next to Melody nervous?" Not only is there a "smart" arrangement in the seat, Venus is also trying to make the two person in the language. Memories of "Amazing Race" in the third season of "delicacy" task, Venus quipped: "if recorded in the fourth quarter, you can invite Jin Dachuan and Melody together to complete the task." Carter, Melody shyly nodded: "ah." When asked "what is the meaning of Jin Dachuan, a smiling face:" it is said to mean ". The scene in the show cut delicacy, Melody also personally Dachuan food to the mouth, so love picture also attracted the audience screaming, and people are greedy and envy. Asked about the selection criteria for her boyfriend, Melody said: "I hope is higher than me," his words, Liu Chang was constantly pointing to the side of the Jin Dachuan, assists to ask: "1 meters 9 do?" In gold.相关的主题文章: