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China’s response to Chinese tourists in Jeju Island were refused entry: tracking the progress of events – the Sohu news in new network on 9 October, according to the National Tourism Bureau website news, media reports, the recent part of Chinese tourists were refused entry to Jeju Island in South Korea, caused widespread concern. The National Tourism Administration attaches great importance to and instructed in Seoul Tourism Office for the first time to the embassies and consulates in South Korea and South Korea to understand the situation. It is understood that since Jeju Island in South Korea since 2002 on the part of the country, including the implementation of China tourists visa free entry policy, Chinese tourists to go to the area of rapid growth, but due to lack of understanding of the policy details, Chinese inbound tourists in Jeju have blocked. Such as tourist travel vouchers are incomplete, or suspected of immigration tendencies, will likely be denied entry, affecting the normal travel of tourists, and cause economic losses. National Tourism Bureau will follow the progress of events further, strengthen communication with the ROK tourism sector, urging South Korea relevant departments through various channels to China visitors detailing its inbound tourist visa policy. At the same time, once again went to Korea to Jeju tourists, in addition to a passport and ticket, it is recommended to carry all the relevant document proof of the travel itinerary (such as itinerary, travel, hotel paper orders) to ensure a smooth entry. If there is injustice, pay attention to the collection of evidence, after complaints or through judicial channels to solve.相关的主题文章: