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Xinjiang Manasi National Wetland Park by the State – Beijing new network in Urumqi in August 25 (Xinhua Shi Yujiang Konka) second Xinjiang National Wetland Park Wetland Park in Manasi County, 25 days of formal acceptance by the State Forestry bureau. Manasi wetland is the edge of the desert oasis wetland, is the world’s third migratory bird migration route (East – West) breeding habitat, an important transit through the land, many endangered and vulnerable birds are important breeding habitat and shelter. Deputy director of the Manasi National Wetland Park Management Bureau Mongolia frontier told reporters that since the Wetland Park since the pilot construction in March 2011 by the approval of the State Forestry Administration, Manasi County focus for wetland protection and restoration projects, wetland conservation incentives pilot projects, key ecological function district subsidy project for 4 consecutive years of 80 million 280 thousand, with the help of the traffic project funds 38 million 980 thousand yuan. At the same time, but also to build a green project, pull fences, access roads, science and education center, viewing platform, boardwalk and other facilities. Up to now, the total investment of 295 million yuan Wetland Park construction. According to reports, the Manasi National Wetland Park planning has been highly recognized by the Xinjiang autonomous region, become the ecological demonstration area of the northern region of Xinjiang Tianshan rapid industrialization development, protection and scientific utilization of leading national wetland park, Shawan Chaiwopu National Wetland Park and other wetland park. The reporter learned from the Manasi County Culture and sports tourism radio and Television Bureau, city planning and Design Institute Chinese undertake overall planning of Manasi National Wetland Park, by the Zhejiang Zhongtian Group and Manasi county government cooperation and development, a project investment of 140 million yuan of National Wetland Park is under construction. There are 331 species of wild animals in Manasi Wetland Park, and there are more than 200 species of vascular plants, accounting for about 45.3% of the total number of plants in Xinjiang wetland. With the continuous improvement of the ecological environment, the number of wintering birds in this area continues to increase, and the number of swans to be monitored increased from 30 in 2011 to more than 500 in 2016. (end)相关的主题文章: