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"Real men 2" yellow Zitao tense confrontation and instructors tremble with fear – Entertainment Sohu   "real man" in season second Sohu entertainment news jointly produced by the empty political television art center and the Hunan TV’s original large national defense education special program "real man" in season second? Air force article Friday night to blood stage. With the top three of the hit show, recruits the end of the first stop Thor commando exercise journey. In this programme, eight Air Force recruits into Wang Wei’s lead and monitor accompanied by air force ace forces guide "hero camp", to "qualified soldiers" advanced road swagger. Facing the new environment and a series of challenges will always be taken by surprise, and both Huang Zitao the "slow" physical confrontation and instructors decide on what path to follow, similar scenes and how to resolve the accident again, Tao Tao. Last week the program, Zi Tao Huang real temperament "express" Captain Liu Jinyi, excitement on the spot tears collapse, overlapping pictures captain Liu "punished" Huang Zitao also appeared in Tao Tao’s mind and in front of the audience, "punishment" is behind the personality and camp "yellow Zi Tao Mustang absolute obedience" to run, is uninterrupted performance with several harmonic — severe. – strong excuse — Conflict — self ignite Compromise — tight end emotional expression, but also Tao Tao absolutely true. The confrontation scene between Huang Zitao and squad leader Wang Wei also impressed the audience. Hot weather, a napkin inspired Tao Tao in "impatient" factor, emotional outburst and monitor Huang Zitao Wang Wei triggered an immediate confrontation, but by Wang Wei’s personal demonstration, aware of their own mistakes Huang Zitao also successfully completed his prior tasks that can not be completed, the entire process of ups and downs, the continuous tense. Huang Zitao came into the "hero camp" and whether it will repeat it? To guide "the first day of camp hero", let the recruits "alarm" "attack" was impossible to guard against afternoon when the alarm sounded, etc., is still in the state of Huang Zitao took place to delay, instructor Chen suffered harsh criticism, the upright Huang Zitao to "do not know the venue" strongly defended but, powerful back again by the instructor, "I never said it, but Tao Tao had not responded confidently"". At this point the atmosphere fell to freezing point, the new recruits have been exposed comrades worry about the look, how the conflict will end, Huang Zitao and whether the same as last time to resolve the conflict? One night, when the alarm sounded again, Huang Zitao won a toothpaste instructor Chen Chao appreciated, so behind the huge contrast of what will happen and what story? "He who can not see any modification of things, his feelings without disguise, as the late evaluation guide teacher Yu Baiyang made to Huang Zitao, truth, truth, sincerity is the eight largest air force recruits to the audience’s commitment. Tonight 20:20, lock Hunan TV, "real man" in the second quarter of the air force article of the fourth invited you to witness the wonderful transformation of the new recruits.相关的主题文章: