Taipei the Imperial Palace removal of Jackie Chan donated the first accused of animal to china-stanley博士的家2

Taipei the Imperial Palace demolished Jackie Chan donated the first animal to be referred to as "to Chinese" original title: Taipei the Imperial Palace Jackie Chan donated the first animal to dismantle Yin Zhengyi alleged "China" [Global Times reported] the Imperial Palace in Taipei on the morning of 14 invited sculptor Pu Haoming team to the Imperial Palace south hospital atrium demolition of twelve Chinese zodiac animal. This caused no small controversy in the island, some public opinion directed at this is to go to china". Taipei the Imperial Palace south hospital director Wang Shisheng first demolition method, had heads by the screws on the pillar, the demolition is only need to remove the screws, heads up top, you can finish the homework. United News Network said, remove the first beast by waxing maintenance, will first use PE to wrap, to store from the Taipei the Imperial Palace South Hospital, whether in the South Hospital Build twelve zodiac park is in the planning. The same day, the DPP legislators Xu Zhijie et al to claim that Jackie Chan had donated the first animal to have the United front. December 2015, the Imperial Palace, Taipei, south of the opening of the trial operation, the Hongkong film star Jackie Chan donated the first batch of twelve animals were placed in the main building outside the plaza. But the first animal show after being splashed red paint, and sprayed with "Culture United Front", "Pro Green politicians took the opportunity to wantonly to Chinese" manipulation. In September this year, the new president of Taipei Lin Zhengyi announced that after questioning cultural scholars, experts and other opinions decided to dismantle the first beast. The KMT legislator Chen Xuesheng held 14 press conference said, according to his understanding, the Taipei the Imperial Palace high-rise by local heavyweight pressure, if not completed within half a year to someone to leave. He said that the cultural industry heavyweights Huang Guangnan, who opposed the demolition, but never heard of the the Imperial Palace in Taipei into consideration. In addition, the the Imperial Palace in Taipei in accordance with his opinions to complete a visitor survey results of nearly 50% people against the displacement, only 20% in favor, but the Taipei the Imperial Palace is the deliberate manipulation of polls, let him puzzled and regret. Nagabayashi Nobuo, deputy director of the University of science and technology of the two sides of the center for peace studies, said bluntly, the removal of the beast is purely political manipulation of the first, is the DPP culture to go to China, the concrete embodiment of the. A speech News Network said, pure artistic creation is just endless political spread, become a victim of political battles, distraught. Editor: Liu Debin SN222相关的主题文章: