Philippine President intends to allow the withdrawal of U.S. troops during the term, said he did not-pp点点通2006

Philippine President intends to term the withdrawal of U.S. troops from said foreign troops do not want to see the original title: Philippine President intends to let the term U. S. troops do not want to see any foreign forces [global network reporter Zhao Yanlong reported] Russian satellite news network reported on 11 November, according to "the Wall Street Journal" (Wall Street Journal) news, the president of Philippines Duthel Te 11, he will be before the end of his term, namely before 2022 allow American troops to withdraw from Philippines, but will not replace other countries love us military forces. Duthel Te said he intends to allow foreign troops to withdraw from Philippines by 2018. He said that at the end of my term, I don’t want to see any foreign troops: not only the United States Army, and even Africa, or any other country in the army, I don’t want to see foreign troops in their country. The newspaper pointed out that at present, about 100 troops stationed in the island of Mindanao as a consultant. Philippines armed forces spokesman Arturo Resti? Brigadier Padilla said, Philippines and other countries attache. He pointed out that the United States most troops. Earlier, Duthel Te said his country to the United States and "farewell" time. Later his tone is easing, he further said that his country will not break relations with the United States, but the Filipinos "does not need to put their politics and politics of the United States together". Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: