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"Love" theme song "MV exposure Jane Zhang interpretation must be happy" "we love" theme song MV on-line Jane Zhang occasion must be happy "interpretation of" Tencent "happiness, entertainment news is a fleeting time after the unusual, is also dependent on after the storm." Sing by "Dolphin voice" Jane Zhang’s drama "we love" theme song "be happy" today officially unveiled MV. Good day is happiness, in addition to the MV lineup, Jane Zhang gave Fans the biggest surprise, you are your own wedding approaching. Beijing time on November 8th, Jane Zhang and her fiance Feng Ke wedding in Italy, twelve years of romance finally airness. From three years ago, until finally you, fortunately, I did not give up to now too much suffering, must be happy." Jane Zhang to sing his heart, all the dust settles, since "finally until you", then please "must be happy". This is also the first to sing the emotional city "must be happy", it is "we love it" director Liu Jiang personally nominated. Music and drama perfect fusion, truly depict the most beautiful love between lovers exchange solemn vows and pledges, then slowly convey the singer "wish the world lovers, also wish the world lovers cherish each other" best wish. "Beautiful music goddess" three music "gold" husband and wife "cooperation must be happy" MV for on-line every song are behind a lovingly pathetic love story. In 2013, "let’s get married" theme song "until finally you", Jane Zhang with her warm voice, his right to tell the audience of urban men and women love and marriage expectations. It is this song, let Jane Zhang and Feng Ke lovers. When the Changsha concert in July 4, 2015 proposed the scene of the song sounded slowly, that moment may be the best experience of Jane Zhang himself, the most beautiful encounter you, it is not to live up to their true meaning. The Jane Zhang with music "golden couple" said Dong Dongdong and his wife Chen Xi, three degrees of cooperation, sing "we love drama" theme song "be happy". Piano and string arranger, soothing melody, beautiful texture of the "sound" sound, always let us immerse them tasted the taste of love, all threads neatly tied up lyrics, draw the outline of urban men and women warm and touching love story, "the promise I must be happy, happy to hold hands to walk the future road" emotional expectation and firm at the same time, most incisive, triggered a large number of fans, fans of the emotional resonance. In this version of MV, recorded from the eleven years since the debut of Jane Zhang’s singing experience and personal emotional journey. From the 2005 debut draft alone into Chinese music, to all major music awards called "melody song", and then to 2016 with her boyfriend Feng Ke love airness, fortunately, we can witness the happiness of Jane Zhang, "be happy" is also Jane Zhang for his blessing. Friends’ happiness is very simple "that" is not the same with the previous beautiful love songs, sad with a different firm, her voice is like the winter snow reflected in the sunshine is so cold, warm heart." The emotional warmth of love story on blockbuster and dignity "must be happy".相关的主题文章: