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Korean media said the opposition change against "Sade" position or with the North Korean nuclear test related information: thad missile defense system the original title: Korean media said the opposition change against "Sade" position or with the North Korean nuclear test on the South Korean media reported on 20, South Korea has been the opposition against the deployment of "Sa" change in the position of the mid autumn festival. South Korea, Chosun Ilbo, said North Korea after the fifth nuclear test, North Korea may be further provocation, the growing concern, shaken the South Korean opposition in the Sade on the issue of position. South Korea, financial news, 20, said the biggest change in attitude is the Party of the opposition National Party of the second. The party has taken a tough stance against since early July the government announced the deployment of the "Sade" decision, and this position will adhere to the "party theory", and other opposition parties together against the series "Sade" deployment in korea. South Korea, "Chosun Ilbo" said 20 days, the National Party committee deputy chairman Zhu Shengrong very countermeasures 19, said: "" Sade "system in the defense missile threat is not the most suitable weapon system, at this point, our party always hold this point of view, we are against one of the deployment of" Sade "the reason, but if the government agreed to discuss this issue in Congress, and everyone is in favor of the deployment, we also accept this reality." Before leading opposition "Sade" into the "party theory" before the party Shouan zhe show in an interview said, "if China refused to sanctions, as defensive measures in the deployment of" Han thad ‘justified." Reported that this view reflects the National Party will accept the deployment of Sade reality. South Korea, "Central Daily" said 20 days, in the deployment of "Sade", the largest opposition party, the Democratic Party has always adhere to the "common strategic ambiguity" policy, but recently the party is within "against thad party theory", "cautious" on "delay theory" of the political atmosphere is getting stronger. The 19 Party Congress, Yu Xianghu in the Supreme Council said: "the former leadership of" North Korea is likely to continue to provoke "the deep concern, in opposition to the deployment of" Sade "problem should be cautious". According to reports, the common party leader Akimi Ai campaigned on a stick against the "Sade" written on the party, but the 18 day of the interview, Akimi Ai said it would fully study the deployment problem of anti "Sade" included in the Party of no definitive timetable. It is considered to be a softening of her position on the question of sade. According to South Korea, "East Asia daily" reported on 20, North Korea conducted a nuclear test after the fifth, South Korea Cultural Radio conducted a public opinion survey showed that 62.4% of people in favor of the deployment of Sade, do not agree with the people of the 31.9%. At present, the South Korean government is still difficult to determine the deployment of Sade problems. Since that "Sade" will be deployed in the area near the Kimcheon Lotte golf course, the people of Kimcheon will continue to hold a protest rally. According to South Korea, "Kimcheon news" reported on 20, a month ago, every night at 7, Kimcheon residents on time in the railway station square held anti Sade candlelight rally. 19 days, thirtieth days in the candlelight vigil, mayor of Kimcheon and members of more than city to join the rally, "expressed opposition to the death" Sade "".相关的主题文章: