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Stereo combat drills, special warfare command and commander of Army Aviation forces — military — original title: stereo combat drills, Special Warfare Command commander and landing force attack. In the complex environment, a variety of new combat forces to launch three-dimensional attack and defense; combat conditions, command and control precision to combat units…… In early August, the army twenty-sixth army brigade in conjunction with multi arms forces, fighting in the depths of the grassland. The brigade aimed at the transformation of the army building goals, efforts to promote the army combat command from extensive to fine change, the use of combat forces from the traditional to the new changes, and promote the transformation of the thinking of the soldiers and brigade combat capabilities. In order to achieve the transformation and upgrading of combat capability, it is necessary to improve the accuracy of command, precision strike, precision evaluation, precision support. The journey to focus on improving accurate combat capability, set up command database for commanders at any time to obtain the use, to ensure that the command of fine. The "special warfare reconnaissance squadron quickly maneuver to × × highland frontier army aviation units to guide the implementation of the" enemy "firepower firepower!" In offensive combat, a battalion commander Dan Guangke special warfare command and take it leisurely and unoppressively of Army Aviation forces with the engineering unit broken barrier action. According to the introduction, by a variety of new forces to participate in combat operations has become the norm, with the army fire support, sappers cut a tiger with wings added path. Drill, the brigade for the characteristics of the new combat forces, increase the intensity of collaborative planning and collaborative efforts, so that commanders at all levels are familiar with the use of new combat forces and timing. New combat forces from the "supporting role" to "protagonist", is to bring about a significant increase in combat effectiveness. It is reported that only in the pre war reconnaissance link, the brigade dispatched a number of new combat forces units, access to a large number of battlefield information, the acquisition rate is significantly higher than in the past. The upgrading of combat forces, combat and thinking. Multitray review, the brigade came out more than and 130 out of touch with the actual requirements of the problem, parallel single bill, for days after the start of training and lay a solid foundation for. (commissioning editor Huang Zijuan and Yang Mu)相关的主题文章: