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The pretty pink festival in November struck primary beauty Master generation collective force Tencent entertainment news 2016 "beautiful bride" to enlarge trick! Following last year’s "beautiful bride" success of beautiful innovative Internet fashion award to enjoy the beauty of your glory and beautiful bride 10 anniversary ceremony ", and will hold a" beautiful bride "Pink Power Star Fashion Festival in November 1st this year, and the" awakening, change, the rise of "trilogy represent women how to grow into a better myself. Some netizens said "if interest years is the plastic knife, the" beauty "is a pretty cosmetic doctor’s finger". As the first domestic beauty program "beautiful bride" pink theme among 11 shows together countless women feel beauty, beauty, to create thousands of pink girls". Li Jing built the "quiet family" fashion group, and the variety shape magician small P, Kevin Asia Asian make-up King great God class beauty teacher pushed to the stage, the audience can also have the opportunity to help ordinary and famous Master learning skin beauty, the audience feeling "after 11 years of beauty teacher as the originator of the flow"! The primary generation of beauty Master, called the Red Net session of a stream. The beautiful pretty pink star power was invited to attend the fashion festival guests, in addition we look forward to the star group, red net, more primary generation beauty Master to join. Small P teacher, Mei Lin teacher, AKIN teacher, home Hong teacher, teacher Chen Chali…… These in no retouching software’s help, many women become beautiful beautiful Master teachers, will be coming to the festival scene of "collective force", to open a new era of 2016 American beauty! Invited to attend the American Beauty Pink Power Star Fashion Festival star guest lineup is strong, the guest list will be announced, let us together for the November 1st beautiful spirit!相关的主题文章: