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VR era is coming: the next apple can be born in China VR hot: the next Motorola or apple can be born in China? Feng Qingyan is a new industry in the global change has quietly staged drama. Wanda cinema announced that the next two to three years will be in the National Theater launched 100 VR zone, VR also opened showings business; Ali opened the "creator" plan to build the world’s largest commodity base 3D, HTC Wang Xuehong announced $100 million investment to cultivate VR industry and ecological development of the enterprise, and the beginning of August the latest disclosure of earnings has been a loss of five a 32 billion consecutive quarter; Softbank beauty Nintaus acquired ARM in June, VR market disclosure has developed a new architecture; Samsung invested to grab the Olympic Games in Rio VR exclusive broadcast rights; while Google has released the Daydream platform for VR devices…… Major strategic layout of these giants invariably occurred in the 9 months since the beginning of the year. The current industry consensus is that VR and AR have the potential to become the next major general-purpose computing platform". Especially after two years ago, Facebook ho throw $2 billion acquisition of Oculus, which is a founder of the founder of the fall after the founding of less than 80 employees, no formal product of small companies. This "overnight" the myth of the previous years was born in the Internet business enterprise, and now a lot of capital from the original O2O into VR fields. IDEALENS Co CEO Liu Tiancheng for economic observer said, "capital and giant snatch VR field, conducive to the rapid development of the industry, this is the entrepreneurial enterprise on the rare advantage". In the hardware technology, lack of content, not difficult to break through the birth of unity platform and many other pain points, will sail Ephesians CEO Zhao Ning believes that now China VR enterprises generally in a horizontal line, are looking for the next round of breakthrough, including hardware, content and platforms are gradually exploring their own system while the level of Oculus, hardware technology, and the world’s three largest VR manufacturer HTC SONY, there is still a large gap. But in today’s wars, with local advantages and the national information industry base Chinese VR corporate backing, industry under the guidance of national policy, there is some new changes, such as some enterprises to technology research and innovation, some enterprises and downstream industry chain to extend, and more and more enterprises and capital is good at dancing, trying to break all kinds of the limitations and problems. So, in the next era can replace the VR smartphone, Motorola VR or apple in the field can be born in China? The choice of hardware began at the end of 2015 to the VR in the field of recruiting hammer technology founder Luo Yonghao, questioned why the industry was "too late"? But why Google has launched Cardboard mobile phone equipment with low cost to halt the high-end VR device? Born in 1987, Tan Zheng’s eyes, the traditional field of entrepreneurs can not imagine are in the areas of VR entrepreneurs is a rapidly changing situation how, just set up a few years the company may have conducted a number of transformation in the company’s development strategy, "now on V相关的主题文章: