EVOS new energy vehicles Carnival-naughty怎么读

EVOS new energy vehicles, new energy vehicles Carnival Carnival EVOS reporter: what is your birthday the day before still stick in the workplace? Because of the poor? Book: no! Because the new energy EV mall in the national day to do the new energy vehicles carnival; because the new energy automobile EV mall in the National Day in addition to know beans and carnival, JAC, Dongfeng, Chery, Geely, Zotye; because I want to tell you this good news to send iPHONE 7! This is the series of work in the upcoming obsession! This day of celebration, for helping you make you the icing on the cake, a shop at N+1 brand models, keep energy run around here and there to travel! This part secretly tell you about then what models will appear in the dragon group new energy automobile Carnival: JAC -IEV5     -IEV54   the public; Thai E200 E30 EQ Chery Geely Geely Dorsett new whether you are a holiday, or after the holiday, or holiday in half, EVOS new energy car carnival, here is not to go and wait for you! (    the Bian nagging: iPHONE 7, only 100 units, only 100 units, only 100 units of pure electric vehicles!) city incog know beans will go home incognito buzz service more exciting content, please press the two-dimensional code to pay attention to our  相关的主题文章: