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"Curb speculation shell and short-term speculation" the key to the implementation of Sina Financial App: Live on-line blogger to guide you to say stocks contest off 60 million reporter Ann Li Fen Guangzhou reported in September 9th, a modified version of the "major asset restructuring of listed companies management approach" was finally released. This is the chairman of the Commission since taking office in the past six months, another fire Liu Shiyu. The reorganization of the main methods to modify the contents of the listed companies, including improving the restructuring, improve the supporting regulatory measures and strengthen the responsibility of listed companies and intermediaries. Commission spokesman Deng Ge said that this amendment aims to promote rational repair market valuation system, to guide more funds to invest in the real economy. There is no doubt that these Provisions are mainly refers to fried shell and speculation. For the game player are keen to shell speculation, the market rumors, Liu Shiyu’s attitude is "". And so it seems. Since it took office, not only put the unit in the backdoor A shares the way back, also introduced a new reorganization of the history of the most stringent, the housing market from madness to rational, the new regulations after the publication of the draft, some "shell company" shares even several consecutive limit. Wind data show that since the introduction of the draft in June 17th so far, there are 12 mergers and acquisitions of listed companies were rejected, far more than the past six months has been no data. In addition, there are many listed companies to terminate the merger and reorganization. This also means that the reorganization of the new regulations, although not formally introduced, but the lethality has emerged. Not only that, in addition to IPO, backdoor, re listing, relisting and other three road to the road A shares are strict. The third board shares back to the first 5 Powerise (400059) September 1st announcement that the suspension of re listing application; suspend the listing of shares of *ST metropolis (000033.SZ) to restore the listing application in May 9th this year, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange was accepted, the end of June has finished materials, but is still in the review period. Liu Shiyu worked in the first half of this year, A shares many "first" have available: ST Bo Yuan (600656.SH) a mandatory delisting of the first unit, Xintai electric (300372.SZ) become the gem for fraud and the delisting of the first unit. The crux of the delisting is difficult to get parts in under heavy positive solutions. Investment bankers believe that regulators currently move is to pave the way for the registration system, but the premise is to establish an effective A stock market, especially for the valuation of A shares pricing mechanism, which is necessary to combat speculation shell behavior. The author believes that the crackdown shell speculation, strict delisting system of practice, we must first clear attitude, which is the backdoor "back door" of behavior, not IPO, for this "back door" behavior must be resolutely resist, and sometimes not resist, sometimes ambiguous; for those who should do to the delisting of shares of "wide back Yan Jin instead," Yan Tuikuan ", let the cost of fraud, illegal high cost. For example, the Hongkong stock market to implement the registration system for many years, but recently, in order to combat the shell making fried shell, under the ruthless hand reform of regulatory framework, from the HKEx listing committee member Li Xiaojia’s position on the Commission to participate in decision-making and expand the listing approval相关的主题文章: