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Beauty beautiful makeup flowers on the impact of A shares Papi sauce money how does it make? The number of read financial DT financial Wen Li Yulin maybe you think 22 million is too impulsive, but beauty beautiful makeup by this wave of content marketing, quickly back to eat this…… Beauty beautiful makeup sprint A shares, "Amoy brand" listed in a stop clothing and snacks Amoy brand series group after the listing, by tens of millions of captured Papi sauce "first" advertising is known as cosmetics beauty beautiful makeup for the first time recently disclosed in the prospectus, sprint to the Shanghai Stock Exchange officially launched A IPO shares. Unlike the Korean clothes homes, three squirrels, such as the original Amoy brand, home in the Tmall platform Li Renli makeup is more like an online Watsons". Licensed as a cosmetics brand online retail service providers, its electricity supplier business is mainly in cooperation with the brand side, the official flagship store opened on Tmall. At present, it has 51 brands. When you are in Lancome, LUSH, Kose, Tmall official flagship store hand chop, is actually buy goods in their home. According to the prospectus, the beauty beautiful makeup intends to issue 40 million shares, to raise funds for 300 million yuan. The funds raised will be used mainly in three aspects: the acquisition of Shanghai lian’en 51% stake in the project; upgrading agent of brand marketing and operation system and information system, so as to further expand the company scale and enhance the company’s business operation ability. Net profit growth is rapid, but more than 60% contribution to the Papi sauce in 2007, beauty beautiful makeup was set up in Beijing, to help the Chinese materia medica line in the Taobao mall. 3 years later, Shanghai beauty beautiful makeup headquarters was set up, the same year won the Garnier, small nurses genuine authority; then, to get the number of beauty beautiful makeup cosmetics brand authorization to begin growing. With the increasing number of brand cooperation, the company scale is expanding year by year, from nearly three years of revenue of beauty beautiful makeup look, operating income and net profit growth is gratifying. Especially in 2015, revenue grew 70%, net profit grew by 476%. In the context of the increase in the number of brand licensing and expanding sales scale, the number of orders from the electricity supplier retail revenue growth, as the main business of the electricity supplier retail business revenue is also rising trend. According to the prospectus, due to the increase in the number of authorized high-end brands, the average selling price of the product to improve, the average price of the order also steadily. Customer price from 2013 yuan in to enhance the single in the first quarter of 2016, $130.43 single. Although the performance is good, but as a platform for businesses Ali, beauty beautiful makeup past visibility less than the full Han, three squirrels such Amoy brand. Until April this year saw the beauty beautiful makeup ho throw 22 million, which last year net profit of 67%, took the video ads patch Papi sauce, catch the wave of air content marketing, instantly become the Amoy brand in red net "Nouveau riche". Not only do brand, brand retailers according to the prospectus, beauty beautiful makeup of the main business owners.相关的主题文章: