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The main factors that will be broadcast live, pomegranate antidote? Sohu technology recently called "red to the world to see!" Anchor network Reds party held in Beijing stadium, as the star refused to just the feast organizer amateur stage — six rooms, shortly before the mobile APP was renamed "red pomegranate live, and to the world!" It is the slogan of the pomegranate live, six rooms have also accelerated the pace of amateur live (that is, ordinary people live) pace. Coincidentally, the NetEase live news, quickly also actively or passively labeled "country" label, live in "flying into the homes of ordinary people, ordinary people really have their own arena? People live on pomegranate live in the end is the antidote or aphrodisiac? What else do they need to consider? Contrary to expectation, reason, live broadcast industry into our next station we may wish to take a look at the background of the three or four line of the city live coverage on pomegranate and even towns and rural people live or all these factors drive. First, live entertainment, the county has become a stimulant of life, which is also a combination of several factors. 1, regardless of the three or four line of the town or below the line of the region, where the lack of entertainment facilities there, four. Dr. X had the scraper bottom story: a "brutal video software" is not full of Chinese in rural areas, but it reveals the Chinese rural youth in the countryside or city out of the bottom of youth, in the spirit of the original state of the extreme lack of agitation. For most young people, such as mahjong and KTV entertainment has been limited to their appeal, playing electronic games or live games is their entertainment, entertainment and the new way to kill time. 2, they have a lot of leisure time. Unlike the first-tier cities youth work stress, leisure time only, young people in these areas is more time. An earlier report by Ali Institute, changes in the geographical distribution of mobile users in a second tier city is practical, three or four lines more entertainment, video, music, games, entertainment, landscaping and other shooting is the main application they use. 3, affected by changes in the structure of social consumption. China is a transition to a consumer oriented country, cultural entertainment, housing, tourism, etc., the proportion of domestic consumption will be greater and greater, of which the proportion of the county’s cultural and entertainment consumption increased significantly. Micro-blog’s example is that in the past year, the number of users of micro-blog to achieve excess growth, especially the three or four line of the city’s sinking users progress obviously, and micro-blog for 6 consecutive months of profit is also on the network and broadcast red occupied the three or four line of the city. 4, infrastructure help. 4G network quickly spread to a direct result of focus outside the city is the county urban and rural township of mobile Internet users increased rapidly, especially the Spring Festival, summer vacation, holiday 51, eleven home people become live free "push". In addition, the smart phone manufacturers channel sink strategy is also accelerating the popularity of rural smart phones in the county, so holding a smart phone to play live on their unique fashion. 5, the network red phenomenon ignited their dream of fame. In the next hundred billion economies of scale under the stimulus of the red network, for these uneasy fate of the year 5相关的主题文章: