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Hong Kong stocks hit a new high H ETF leading cross-border investment fund investment channel in Hong Kong – warming index consecutive days a record high this year, Hong Kong stocks swept ETF since February 15th this year, ETF rose to the top four, turnover of more than 90% from yifangda h ETF (510900). Recently, the mainland capital to invest heavily in Hong Kong from the south, Shanghai and Hong Kong through data show that from August 31st to September 5th a total of four days of mainland investors net Hong Kong stocks over 17 billion yuan per day, respectively, the net inflow of 4 billion 286 million yuan, 4 billion 175 million yuan, 4 billion 770 million yuan and 3 billion 907 million yuan. Hong Kong stocks hit a new high in September 5th, the Hang Seng Index and H shares index rose 1.65% and 1.48%, respectively, in September 6th the H share index rose by more than a year earlier, the lowest in February 15th has risen by 30%. As of September 6th closing, the H-share index rose 32.54% since the lows, slightly higher than the Hang Seng Index rose by the same period in the same period, followed by the index and the Hang Seng Index rose by about ETF or so. Days of statistics show that from February 15th to September 5th this year, yifangda h ETF net increase of 31.77%, only three of the ETF tracking the Hang Seng Index also rose 30%. In four Hong Kong stocks ETF, the size and liquidity of yifangda H shares ETF way ahead of September 6th the ETF closing, the market value reached 9 billion 672 million yuan, accounting for nearly 80% of the total market value of the Hong Kong ETF ETF; in September 6th the turnover of 531 million yuan, accounting for the Hong Kong stock ETF total turnover of about 95%. The H-share index of 40 stocks are more familiar with domestic investors, large state-owned stock, the dynamic price earnings ratio of about 8 times the net rate is about 0.9 times the stocks are mainly concentrated in the financial, oil and petrochemical industry, of which 31 stocks at the same time in the domestic market, at the same time, the company is AH, the average price of the H shares about 20% lower than the A shares. The ETF this year there have been two large-scale net purchase, the first round occurred in January to February, the net purchase of nearly 3 billion copies, the second round took place in May to June, there are nearly 3 billion copies of net purchase, the purchase of two net investors held until the September 6th closing have positive return over 10%.相关的主题文章: