The 19 year old woman with a tricycle wanted fugitives are raped postmortem Yangtze River (video)-若槻ゆうか

The 19 year old woman with a tricycle wanted fugitives are raped postmortem Yangtze river yesterday, reporters from the Yangtze River shipping Wuhan Public Security Bureau learned that occurred in the waters of the Yangtze River Hannan "9.2" rape postmortem murder case cracked. On the morning of September 2nd, the public alarm, in Hannan Shamao Street Industrial Park pier River found a highly corrupt nameless body. After the alarm, Nanjing Wuhan branch Hannan police station police rushed to the scene, after a preliminary forensic inquest, the dead woman, naked, nose and mouth are multilayer transparent adhesive tape seal, two abdominal wounds, in line with the characteristics of infringement. Wuhan branch immediately launched the homicide detection mechanism, set up a special group. The police task force search, 19 year old female victim, surnamed Jiang, Hunan Shuangpai County, working in Hannan Shamao street. At the same time, the police quickly locked the open electric tricycle in Hannan Shamao street a 48 year old Hubei man in Macheng Wu is suspect, the man or the Guangdong province rape robbery online fugitives. Identified, August 30th, Wu of riding on the tricycle Jiangmou see color spur of the moment, Jiang Pianzhi their blandishments will rent violent sexual assault, Jiang suffocation death caused by strangulation and nasal taken after tape sealing way, on the evening of postmortem Yangtze river. At present, the suspects have been arrested by the police according to law. (reporter Yang Yu correspondent Cui Junhong) women’s night was sick boy kidnapped raped postmortem wilderness concern the big Chu official WeChat (micro signal: dachuwang), give you interesting and useful information, and send gifts every day. Scan the next two dimensional code attention.

19岁女子搭三轮车遇通缉逃犯 被奸杀抛尸长江昨天,记者从长江航运公安局武汉分局了解到,发生在长江汉南水域的“9.2”强奸杀人抛尸案告破。9月2日清晨,市民报警,在汉南区纱帽街一工业园区码头江边发现一具高度腐败的无名尸体。接警后,长航武汉分局汉南派出所组织民警赶赴现场,经法医初步勘验,该尸体为女性,下身赤裸,口鼻被多层透明胶布封住,腹部有两处创口,符合被侵害的特征。武汉分局立刻启动命案侦破机制,成立专案组。经专案组民警查寻,受害女性19岁,姓蒋,湖南双牌县人,在汉南区纱帽街打工。同时,警方迅速锁定了在汉南区纱帽街开三轮电动车谋生的48岁湖北麻城男子吴某为犯罪嫌疑人,该男子还是广东省抢劫强奸案网上通缉的逃犯。经查明,8月30日,吴某对搭乘其三轮车的蒋某见色起意,花言巧语将蒋某骗至其出租屋暴力性侵,后采取勒颈和胶带封口鼻的方式致蒋某窒息性死亡,当天晚上抛尸长江。目前,犯罪嫌疑人已被警方依法逮捕。(记者杨蔚 通讯员崔军鸿) 女子深夜遭变态男绑架 奸杀后抛尸荒野 关注大楚网官方微信(微信号:dachuwang),给你有趣、有用的资讯,还有好礼天天送。扫描下方二维码关注吧。相关的主题文章: