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Bo gold ETF this year outstanding performance – reporter Huang Li since 2016, gold assets was thriving, the capital market is also accelerating the influx of gold represented by safe haven assets such as gold ETF bo. Gold ETF is a better investment tool for gold investment. First, the gold ETF fund is very convenient and highly mobile through the floor trading; secondly, the ETF fund can reverse in a day, so as to improve the efficiency of investment. It is understood that the gold spot contracts Bo gold ETF investment in the Shanghai gold exchange. WIND data show that as of February 15th this year, Bo gold ETF cumulative yield reached 14%. Bo gold ETF set up a total of 3 share, namely, the venue share class D shares, class I share of OTC otc. The trading floor shares listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, class D share in the Bo official website direct sales, class I shares that deposit Campbell can be purchased directly in the Alipay PC APP mobile phone terminal and ant treasure, provides rich trading channels for investors. Among them, the Bo gold ETF share of the venue to achieve T+0 day trading days to do timing speculation, to avoid the risk of overnight positions. Compared with the investment mode that can only be redeemed outside, it greatly improves the efficiency of investment, and is more conducive to switching between A shares and gold investment at random. Boshi said that the gold market price strength is behind the joint global capital flow and its financial market fundamentals of supply and demand better. The changes in the macro background indicate that the flow of money is difficult to reverse in a certain period of time, but may be self reinforcing like a snowball. From a technical point of view, the international price of gold has broken down since June 2013, the downward trend of the barrier, the short-term market after experiencing a sharp rise, or temporarily attributed to calm, crowding out crowded positions, but the direction of long-term or has changed. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

博时黄金ETF今年以来业绩突出   □本报记者 黄丽   2016年以来,黄金资产表现一枝独秀,市场资金也加速涌入以黄金为代表的避险资产,如博时黄金ETF。   黄金ETF是投资黄金较好的投资工具,其一,黄金ETF基金通过场内交易非常便利,且流动性强;其二,ETF基金可以日内反转,从而提高投资效率。据了解,博时黄金ETF投资于上海黄金交易所的黄金现货合约。WIND数据显示,截至2月15日,博时黄金ETF今年以来累计收益率达到14%。博时黄金ETF共设置了3类份额,即场内份额、D类场外份额、I类场外份额。场内份额在深交所上市交易,D类份额在博时官网上直销,I类份额即存金宝可直接在支付宝PC端及蚂蚁聚宝手机APP上购买,为投资者提供了丰富的交易渠道。   其中,博时黄金ETF场内份额能够实现T+0日内交易,可做日内择时投机交易,避免隔夜持仓的风险。相比只能场外申赎的投资方式而言,大幅提高了投资效率,更有利于在A股和黄金投资之间随意切换。   博时基金表示,黄金市场价格走强的背后是全球金融市场资金流向与自身供需基本面转好的共同合力。而宏观背景的变化预示着这样的资金流向在一定时间内很难逆转,反而可能会如滚雪球般自我强化。从技术角度而言,国际金价已升破2013年6月以来的下行趋势阻挡,短期市场在经历大幅上涨后,或暂时归于冷静,以挤出拥挤头寸,但中长期的运行方向或已发生改变。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: