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Dental-Care If you are like most dentists not long out of school and struggling to get your practice going, you are seeing many patients a day for a few minutes. The hard work and dedication that you are putting into your practice is not paying off like you predicted and you go home tired and frustrated. The C.A.R.D. system may be just what you need to increase productivity and dental practice profitability through aesthetic dentistry . Dentists attending the Center for Aesthetic Restorative Dentistry achieve a higher level of confidence in diagnosing and performing .plex aesthetic restorative dentistry. Each course also fulfills requirements for certification for 14 Dental CE credits. C.A.R.D.’s courses are perfect for the new dentist wanting to get their practice off to a good start; they also offer the established dentist ways to streamline and increase the productivity and profitability of their dental practice while obtaining CE credits. C.A.R.D. can also bring back a renewed interest in dentistry to the dentist who has be.e tired and disinterested in their busy toothache practice. Each course at the Center for Aesthetic Restorative Dentistry earns certification for 14 Dental Continuing Education Credits. Many aesthetic dentists who have participated in Dr. Cutbirth’s C.A.R.D. courses say these are the most valuable Dental CE credits that they have earned. The base courses include: Part 1 Veneers, Part 2 – Anterior Crowns/Bridges, Part 3 – Function/Treatment of Facial Pain, Part 4 – Treatment of .plex Restorative Cases, and Part 5 – Secrets of the low overhead, highest quality, low volume, $1,000,000++++ Dental Practice. The first course in the Advanced Restorative Series, Veneers, is a great starting point on the path to increasing the productivity and profitability of your aesthetic restorative dental practice. Advanced Restorative Series Part 1 – Veneers! Veneers! Veneers! The first course in the series, Part 1 Veneers, covers all veneer tooth preparation techniques. These techniques will be instrumental in your journey to increased productivity and profitability in your aesthetic dental practice. Treatment planning for .plex veneer cases including crowded and displaced teeth is covered in this course. The C.A.R.D. system will teach you how to .municate to the patient what aesthetic dental procedures such as veneers can offer them and how it can be ac.plished. Veneers offer great results to correct cosmetic dental problems such as permanent staining, chipped, or crowded teeth. A guide to fees for these procedures is also covered including financing options for patients. One focus of C.A.R.D. is to show you how to decrease your dependence on managed care thus increasing profitability and simplifying paperwork which will increase productivity in your aesthetic dental practice. Each course is a two-day course, on Friday and Saturday, from 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., .bining a .prehensive presentation in conjunction with hands-on training and interactive demonstrations. This schedule makes it possible for you to attend the aesthetic dentistry courses with a minimal disruption to your dental practice. 14 Dental CE credits will be awarded for each course .pleted. A continental breakfast will be served at 7:30 am and lunch will be served at noon. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: